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Class of 2019 Mail Day

By Contributing Writer on March 24, 2015

Colgate Day of Impact – Hackathon

By Edwin Amador '15 on March 16, 2015



Alongside TIA (Thought Into Action) and Colgate Day of Impact (Friday, 13th) about 30 alumni and current students, from the tri-state, area came together to work on Amanda Brown’s ’15 TIA project. Her TIA venture centered around working with children in Nepal to ” [provide] a progressive education and safe home for marginalized Nepali children and teens “. Working directly with CYFNepal, her goal for this hackathon was to revamp Children and Youths First USA (CYFUSA).

Teams met at Maker Studios, NYC and quickly began to work as to how we could all assist Amanda in her fantastic project. During the hackathon, teams divided into three concentrations : Social Media, Online (creating and coding a new website), and Fundraising. Tons of food and some really great people provided an environment where thoughts and ideas were carefully developed in order to best use the small amount of time that we had. Though teams only had a couple of hours to meet and discuss different strategies, everyone was working for one common goal : to help Amanda realize her goal of fundraising enough money to be able to open another location for the Life Vision Academy school.

Throughout this day, teams developed tangible results that will hopefully allow Amanda to continue all her great work with CYFUSA and CYFNepal.





Leader’s Dinner for Mental Health Awareness

By Mac Baler '15 on March 13, 2015


This past week, Colgate’s chapter of Active Minds (a non-profit organization whose goal is to give students the power and opportunity to speak openly and confidently about mental health in order to educate others on issues and awareness, as well as to encourage cooperation and help-seeking) collaborated with the Colgate Shaw Wellness Institute and Konosioni Senior Honor Society to host the “Leader’s Dinner.”

Leaders of every student group on campus were invited to this event, at which Jordan Burnham, a nationally recognized mental health advocate, came to speak, sharing his story, inspiring others to not shy away from seeking help, and providing insight into how to create supportive, healthier communities.

Discussions at tables among student leaders breached a variety of topics, but perhaps the most vital was how to ensure that positive, supportive steps were being and would continue to be taken toward mental health awareness within and among relations of student groups on campus!

It was a fantastic event, with hopes of more like it to come!

“若者言葉に耳を傾ければ – If We Lend Our Ear to Youth Language” (Japan)

By Contributing Writer on March 13, 2015

Mac Baler ’15 a Computer Science and Japanese double major from Albany, N.Y. spent a portion of his Winter Recess conducting research in Japan.

This winter, Senior Admission Fellow Mac Baler ’15 used his AMS Grant to study the geography of youth language in Japan. Following Yanagita Kunio’s theory of “peripheral zones,” Baler wondered whether important cultural centers still drive the creation of new words, phrases, and dialects. “There are a few Japanese resources investigating youth language as a whole,” he wrote, “though one is pressed to find data cataloguing this youth language by region.”

Read the post: Mac Baler ’15: “若者言葉に耳を傾ければ – If We Lend Our Ear to Youth Language” (Japan)

Friday Night Film Series

By Eloise LaHorgue '15 on March 8, 2015

Friday Night Film Series_opt

This past Friday, the Film and Media Studies department hosted its weekly Friday Night Film Series, showcasing a film about a thought-provoking dance performance choreographed by Montreal-based dancer Marie Chouinard. The piece sought to communicate issues of freedom through dance, and incorporates objects that sometimes help and other times hinder movement. Following the film, students engaged in an open dialogue lead by Professors Tanya Calamoneri, Christian DuComb, and Adrian Giurgea. The Friday Night Film Series facilitates academic discussion regarding films of all genres, and events occur consistently throughout the semester.


Colgate Hockey Weekend

By Caitlin Sackrison '15 on February 22, 2015
Hockey blog post

Colgate Men’s Hockey Game against RPI (Won, 4-2).
Last home game of the season.

Last night was “Senior Night” at Starr Rink and the final home hockey game of the regular season. Though there will be more games before the team is officially done for the season, every year at the last home game Colgate recognizes the graduating seniors.

On Senior Night, the senior athletes and team managers bring their families out on the ice to roaring crowds of fans and friends. For a small liberal arts university, Colgate has an immensely talented group of Division I athletes, and the hockey team is perhaps one of the strongest examples of the caliber of these students. Countless alums have gone on to NHL careers, and even more have gone into other sectors, using the skills they learned at Colgate to find success on and off the ice. But beyond that, there’s a spirit behind Colgate hockey that transforms the lives of athletes and fans alike. There’s nothing quite like walking into the rink on a snowy day, cheering for ‘Gate with your friends, and spending a weekend watching Division I hockey in Central New York. 

Blue for Q – LGBTQ Awareness!

By Mac Baler '15 on February 12, 2015

reg small

In anticipation for the third annual Blue for Q – LGBTQ Awareness Colgate Men’s Basketball game this Saturday, the Senior Admission Fellows donned blue and gathered to show their support! This is the third year in a row in which Colgate Athletics and the Men’s Basketball team are joining up with LGBTQ Initiatives to support these special organizations and identities on campus, generating awareness and inclusivity. The game is this Saturday, February 14th, at 2pm in Cotterell Court against Navy —  the stands will no doubt be packed with students wearing blue, with signs and flags they’ve made throughout the week, showing their support! This event is sponsored by Colgate Athletics, LGBTQ Initiatives, Men’s Basketball, Center for Women’s Studies, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, and ALANA Cultural Center.

See you there!

funny small

We’ll see you at the game! Can’t wait!

Singin’ and Swingin’ for Chenango Nursery

By Katie Williams '15 on February 3, 2015



This past weekend, the Colgate University Swinging ‘Gates had a chance to sing for a slightly different audience than they are used to. Known as Colgate’s only all female a capella group, the ‘Gates have been “singin’ and swingin'” for the past 40 years, both within Hamilton and around the U.S. Coming off of a very successful January tour in the Miami, FL region, the ‘Gates arrived back at Colgate bracing for the cold but excited about the upcoming concert: the Chenango Nursery School (CNS). Invited to sing by the CNS Parent Advisory Committee, the ‘Gates were welcomed by an adorable crowd who clapped, danced, and sang along with almost every song. The group sang a set that included numbers ranging from “Boy” by The Ad Libs to “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse. It was a huge treat for both the ‘Gates and those at CNS!

Early Decision I Mail Day

By Contributing Writer on December 12, 2014

Early Decision Committee Underway

By Contributing Writer on December 3, 2014