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Konosioni Yurt Adventure

By John Lee '15 on September 17, 2014

As a member of Konosioni, our Senior Honor Society, I have the privilege of working with 25 other student leaders on campus to uphold Colgate traditions and plan events that benefit our surrounding community. After being selected by my peers to become a member of Konosioni last Spring, I remember the intense feeling of connectedness to students before me who had an opportunity to leave their mark on Colgate. Although we all come from different backgrounds and different areas of campus, we are all committed to giving back to the Hamilton community while preserving what makes Colgate so special.

As events like our Community Auction and Senior Ball rapidly approach, we thought it would be nice to work on some team building and get to know one another a little better. Any student at Colgate can rent out the Yurt (a large tent) located in the Beattie Forest Preserve that Colgate owns a few miles from campus. This past Saturday, our group arrived early in the afternoon to participate in low ropes course challenges, talk about our vision for the upcoming year, and perhaps most importantly to eat s’mores around the bonfire. We then spent the night inside the Yurt!

It was great to spend so much time away from cell phones and homework, but especially as a Senior I enjoyed the chance to get to know others outside of my usual social circles. I am looking forward to seeing what this group will accomplish, and I definitely recommend any group of students to spend some time at the Yurt.

Here is a picture of our group after the First-Year convocation ceremony, where we lead students up the hill into the Chapel before the start of the event.



Photo Credit: Fatima Sowe



Jump right in: Student Activities Fair

By Katie Williams on September 11, 2014

photo 1_optBefore & During

photo 2_optThe start of the new school year is always exciting.  Between a capella concerts, sporting events, the Hamilton Farmer’s Market and classes, it is sometimes hard to find time to even relax, but leave it to Colgate students to do just the opposite. Enter: the Colgate Activities Fair! Held at the start of each semester, the Fair boasts a huge selection of student run organizations, everything from Project Beauty to Whistling a capella to Sustainability at Colgate, and the opportunity to sign up for any and all of them.  One of the highest attended events on campus, it is a blast and a half for everyone involved.  Whether you sign up for one club or twelve, the Fair is a fantastic chance to get involved and join the already ambitious community that is Colgate.


By Contributing Writer on September 4, 2014

Emily Moloney, assistant dean of admission, takes a quick break from recruiting students to catch the Symphony of Lights show on the Hong Kong skyline from across the harbor. #gateonthego

Follow the admission office on the road at www.colgate.edu/travelmap.


James B. Colgate Hall in 40 seconds

By Contributing Writer on September 3, 2014

Danielle Iwata ’15, a history major, draws James B. Colgate Hall, home of The Hurwitz Admission Center in 40 seconds. Visit, tour, and explore campus for yourself: colgate.edu/visit.


By Contributing Writer on September 2, 2014

Dave Esber ’13, assistant dean of admission, visiting with students at Lincoln School in Buenos Aires, Argentina #gateonthego

Follow the admission office on the road at www.colgate.edu/travelmap.

Hamilton Farmer’s Market

By Danielle Iwata on August 30, 2014

photo 1Every Saturday, Hamilton boasts one of the best farmer’s markets in the county. It features everything from fresh flowers to baked goods to produce and fruits. A crowd favorite is Heirloom Meadows Farms, which sells kale, lettuce, and farm fresh eggs, but is most famous for its French pastries. Jack and Martine Cook (the masterminds behind Heirloom Meadows) are basically local celebrities. People begin lining up at 8:15 a.m. in order to get the delicious chocolate croissants, morning buns (“a modern twist on the cinnamon roll”), scones, and fruit tarts. If you visit Colgate for a Saturday @ Colgate, be sure to stop by the farmer’s market for breakfast!

Trivia Night: One Last Blast

By Katie Williams on July 31, 2014


Summer at Colgate would be incomplete without trivia night at the Colgate Inn.  Every Wednesday, the summer interns and I show up early and stay late to play against our peers and professors in trivia.  The competition is stiff, the questions are tough, and the Hershey’s Kisses are plentiful.  Ranging in topic, we are quizzed on everything from history and quotations to media and the Village of Hamilton.  Always well attended, trivia night is a blast and a half for all involved.  Unfortunately, last night was the final trivia night of this summer season, and though we did not clinch 1st place, we played hard.  Did you know that hydrophobia is another name for rabies? We did.

Exciting day of filming at Eaton Brook Reservoir

By Danielle Iwata on July 31, 2014

photo 2-2

One thing I love about Central New York is being able to drive around the area and discover new places. My roommate and I stumbled upon the Eaton Brook Reservoir and realized it would be the perfect place to continue shooting (see post “Video shoot at Chittenango Falls“) for the Colgate Dance Initiative summer video. Three dancers, two musicians and one videographer made the 15 minute drive at 7 PM to catch the perfect sunset. People at the reservoir were interested in our work and even asked if they could watch us for a bit! They said the music and choreography were both wonderful and we hope that will translate to our final product! Stay tuned for more!

photo 1-2

A visit to the Glendening Boathouse

By Manny Medina on July 29, 2014

Lake Moraine

On a sultry Saturday at Colgate during the summer, there is only one place that can refresh me and alleviate all of my stress-  the Glendening Boathhouse. It is a popular spot where friends and family come together to engage in some water sports and to tan. It is easy to convince all your friends to come. I casually invited about ten nearby friends to come with me to the boathouse this weekend. Little did they know how deathly afraid I am of water.

While my fear of the water slightly discouraged me from kayaking and canoeing, my desire to explore the water and to cool off outweighed my fears. I neither suppressed my apprehension to go far into the water nor my utter excitement. I screamed when the boats caused a rapid current, yet I embraced the challenge and raced my roommate to a floating island raft in our kayaks. Come join us. I promise I will not yell too loud until another boat gets close.



Visiting farms in Madison County

By Danielle Iwata on July 28, 2014


Last Saturday was Open Farm Day, when 35 local farms are open for visitors. After working at the Office of Admission for a Saturday session (and of course, after the Hamilton Farmer’s Market) a friend and I visited two farms in Cazenovia: Creekside Meadows Farm and Critz Farm. We chose Creekside as our first stop because their advertisement included a small animal petting zoo. We got to see five day-old guinea hens, piglets, calves and cows. They also had a border collie that kept trying to herd turkeys that were already in a cage (she ran in circles around the cage, as the turkeys went from corner to corner). Our next stop was Critz, which is a local favorite, as they have an apple orchard and pumpkin patch in the fall, as well as horses and goats (and occasionally, bunnies and llamas). In the winter they also have Christmas trees, hot chocolate and apple fritters. Needless to say, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.