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13 Things: Study room with a view

By Natalie Krause '17 on July 31, 2015

The picture below was a product of (dare I say the infamous two words) finals week.  Three exams deep and with one last test between me, summer, sand, and sun, I could have sworn my brain was becoming mush.  Luckily, on my way to the library with a textbook filled backpack, my eye was caught by the late afternoon sunshine streaming through the windows of the Persson Skybridge.  I quickly changed my study space–moving up to Persson–, unpacked my study materials, plugged in my laptop, and settled into a spot.  Not only did I end up having the Skybridge to myself, but I also made it just in time for the sunset.  With dusk reflecting on Taylor lake and the excitement of a summer internship on my mind, I wrapped up my last study session of the semester…


Persson Hall is home to our Economics, Political Science, and Educational Studies departments, as well as the “Skybridge.” Overlooking Colgate’s Taylor Lake, the views are impeccable any time of year, any time of day!

Continuing through our summer list of “13 Things to See and Do” while visiting Colgate, I welcome you to arguably the best place to study on campus: the Persson Skybridge.  Sandwiched between two buildings that make up Persson Hall, the Skybridge is a favorite study space for many students.   It houses tables, chairs, and hanging plants, enclosed by glass walls to give you (almost) a 360-degree view of Colgate and the village of Hamilton.  Whether you’re studying for finals like me or finding extra homework time in between classes, Persson Skybridge is an open, sunlit study space.

Come back to our blog throughout the rest of summer as we complete our list of “13 Things to See and Do,” fill you in with more tricks and tips for Colgate, and share exciting news as we approach the fall semester! And don’t forget to check out the summer interns this year. Whether it’s a question about chess club, Model United Nations, pre-med, or music and arts on campus, we are here to help you out with the admissions process!





13 Things: Late-night snacking

By Rohan Nagpal '18 on July 27, 2015

Hamilton's Colgate Inn

A favorite activity among college students is eating. Colgate is not an exception to the rule! The Village of Hamilton has many food options! Many students often head into beautiful Hamilton for a meal or even a sweet treat. Whether you’re grabbing a burger at the Number 10 Tavern, a burrito at La Iguana, or some pizza at the prominent New York Pizzeria ( a.k.a “Slices”)–going into town with friends is always a lot of fun. If you’re feeling fancy, dinner at the elegant Colgate Inn always makes for a wonderful evening. Wherever you decide to grab a bite, you can’t go wrong due to the wide array of available options. Conveniently, students are able to use their Gatecards to pay for the food at many of these restaurants.

Hamilton is great for late-night snacking! A milkshake from Maxwell’s or some frozen yogurt from YoGate–one of Hamilton’s newer additions–are among multiple great options for those with a sweet-tooth. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, check out Saxby’s at The Barge! Many students and Hamilton residents may be seen socializing and working hard in the cozy confines of the space. For those who don’t feel like making the trip into town, Crunchbutton is a convenient service that provides delivery from any restaurant straight to your door!

If you find yourself in Hamilton, even for just a visit, grabbing a bite in town is a must! Bon appetit!

Let’s Eat!

By Katrina Stevenson '17 on July 22, 2015

Summer interns posing with members of the Chartwells team

Colgate is very excited to introduce our new food provider – Chartwells. Chartwells will address the major dietary concerns on campus – increasing sustainability efforts, providing more locally grown food options, and being more accessible to students. Some of the Admissions summer interns had the opportunity to interview the Head Chef, Resident District Manager and other Chartwells employees. While there are some exciting changes (like a full-time Starbucks barista), Chartwells is a much needed breath of fresh air for Colgate.

College students put a lot of focus into food, coffee, and open spaces to relax between studying sessions. In order to meet these needs, Chartwells is revamping various places on campus to fulfill the needs of students. For example, the Case-Geyer Library’s café (Hieber Café) will become a tea cafe allowing students to enjoy their tea and coffee before rushing back to studying. At the cafe, Bigelow will launch their new “Steep Tea” in the library providing tea pots and wood serving trays to add ambience. Don’t worry! If you’re a coffee drinker, you can head over the O’Connor Campus Center and grab yourself a cup of Deathwish Coffee. This coffee is not for the faint-hearted! Deathwish is the world’s strongest coffee. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself in the fall!

13 Things: Take it all in

By Grace Western '17 on July 21, 2015
IMG_4007_opt (1)

The 3rd of the 13 things to do at Colgate is to see the beautiful trails in all seasons!

Being immersed in the fast-paced and exciting environment that Colgate provides I find that sometimes I need a breather from it all.  Since Colgate is situated on a picturesque hill, I can find serenity on the Colgate owned trails located behind the school. Two minutes up from Frank Dining Hall, surrounded by greenery and immersed in silence is the Chapel House. This is a location I frequent, which is home to a roaring fireplace in the winter with free cookies and tea. Up the road is the Colgate Ski Hill, leading to our cross-country and skiing trails. Whether it’s a study break with a friend or a hike on a Sunday afternoon, these trails are always available for people in the Colgate and local Hamilton community.

Fortunately for you, this is one of the best kept secrets of Colgate. That’s why we are sharing this coveted knowledge with you! Especially during times like orientation, the Ski Hill is a great place to watch the sunset or run into people walking their dogs–dogs who appreciate any affection from those missing their pets at home!

We are so lucky to have outdoor trails that are both owned and maintained by the most beautiful university.  It’s not your average resource! If you visit the trails, feel free to come to me with a Colgate Hello!

All roads (and planes) lead to Hamilton, N.Y.

By Contributing Writer on July 18, 2015


The current student body has 259 International students from 72 countries.

Posted by Colgate University on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Course with a view!

By Dan Martucci '17 on July 16, 2015

Sun sets over Seven Oaks

Colgate has one of the top golf courses of any college or university in the country. Not only is Seven Oaks renowned for its difficulty, but it is also gorgeous and well-kept. While the Division 1 golf program will host tournaments on the weekends during the school year, regular students can be found on the course for a quick nine after classes or for the full eighteen on the weekends. Although the weather prohibits students from playing year-round, going to the the Seven Oaks Club House for dinner is extremely popular all throughout the year. The clubhouse is by far my favorite place to eat downtown, in large part because of the famous chicken-parm pasta dish the restaurant offers.

As for me, I have been enjoying the golf course after work during the week and on weekends this summer. While Seven Oaks has several alumni tournaments every summer, getting on to play a quick nine holes is quite easy and affordable. And with the chicken-parm pasta dish waiting for me at the Club House, its often too hard to pass up getting dinner after I play.

If you make your way to Colgate at some point over the summer or even in the beginning part of the fall, I encourage you to go check out Seven Oaks Golf Course and eat at the Club House!

Religious Life @ ‘Gate

By Matt Leo '18 on July 14, 2015

The Colgate Memorial Chapel is home to almost all of our religious life offices. The Saperstein Jewish Center is home to the Jewish religious life on campus.

The spectrum of diversity at Colgate University is immense. Not only involving race, but the variety of religions is large as well! Colgate students represent many faith communities. This includes Buddhist life, Catholic life, Hindu life, Jewish life, Muslim life, Protestant life, Secular life, and if you practice any other faith that is not practiced as a group on campus, you will be greatly supported! For example, we have an All Beliefs Community that holds Interfaith Events and Community Dinners. You will often find that a majority of students attend these Interfaith events whether religious or not!

Religious life is integral to the mental and spiritual health of many of our students. Around 25% of Colgate students participate in religious life in some capacity. The students who are religiously active tend to be the happiest, friendliest, and most successful students on campus. These students are leaders not only in their faith, but also in the classroom, the athletic field, student government—and more.

The mental health of students is immensely important, and the office of the Chaplains is a resource utilized by many to facilitate the amelioration of any situation a student could find him/herself in. Confidential support is offered for crises of any kind, including but not limited to grief, relationships and academics. In addition, just above campus is the Chapel House. According to the Colgate website, “Chapel House is a sanctuary and spiritual retreat center open to all for study and contemplation. We welcome guests of any religious affiliation or none, visitors who travel from down the street or across the globe.” Included in the Chapel House is a chapel, overnight accommodations, a library, religious art and a music room! It is a wonderful space for introspection and meditation no matter what religious affiliation you are or aren’t.

Now as we all know, coffee is a God(s)-send, and the basement of the chapel offers free coffee and comfy couches! Many students find themselves heading down to the Office of the Chaplains to chat about both life (and the afterlife) with coffee and friends!

13 Things: Our Favorite Tradition

By Natalie Krause '17 on July 8, 2015
interns chipwich_opt

We scream for ice cream

We all scream for ice cream!

We’re back,  and we hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  At Colgate, we love to cool off from the summer heat with ice cream.  But honestly, we love ice cream during all times of year (despite the influx of snow we receive thanks to our Central New York location).  At the end of every campus tour at Colgate you receive a delicious “chipwich,” a glorified ice cream sandwich, consisting of two made from scratch chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in between!  Even better, the ice cream is sourced from over 250 local family farms, so you are supporting the local economy by indulging in these tasty treats! And if you fall in love with Colgate while you’re here (as we do every day), we would call that a typical afternoon!

As we progress through the list of “13 Things to See and Do at Colgate,” here is number two: sampling a chipwich…or two! Stop by our office for a visit of Colgate and experience our love of ice cream firsthand. Also, get to know the Summer Interns and contact us with any and all questions about Colgate!

13 Things: Go on an adventure

By Natalie Krause '17 on July 2, 2015

Summer interns Lucy Stan ’18, Matt Leo ’18, and Natalie Krause ’17 at the Angert Family Climbing Wall

Don’t look down!

This summer, we “Colgate Admission Interns” are your tour guides, walking you up and down the gorgeous hill we call home; we will also be your newest bloggers!  Each week, check in to see the exciting things happening at Colgate this summer.

Throughout the summer, we will post our definitive list of “13 things to see and do” while visiting our beautiful campus! (If you haven’t heard yet, learn why 13 is our favorite number).  Check in every few days to see our newest adventure!

Our first assignment was to go on an adventure through our Outdoor Education program! Braving our fear of heights, we scaled the walls of the Angert Family Climbing Wall, free for all students and also open to the public.

Learn more about the summer interns and feel free to email us with any and all Colgate-related questions. Here’s to the beginning of a happy Colgate summer!

New application supplement for applicants to the Colgate Class of 2020

By Contributing Writer on July 1, 2015

Applications to Colgate are reviewed holistically and the admission team relishes in the opportunity to get to know you through your application. The supplement for applicants to the Colgate Class of 2020 can be found below, and on the Applicant Checklist.

“At Colgate we strive to foster an inclusive community. Please discuss how your life experiences, family background, and/or culture has helped to shape you as a person. It would be especially helpful if you would also reflect on an experience which demonstrated your character and personal values.”

This supplement is applicable to both the Common Application and Universal College Application. We look forward to learning more about your personal story and how you might contribute to the Colgate community.