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Reaching Out For Winter

By Jake Pulver '16 on February 3, 2016


As a second-semester senior coming back to Colgate, I expected nothing short of the above picture for the next few months. Colgate introduces you to an incredibly passionate community, diversity of thought in the classroom, and a supportive and quaint background in Hamilton, NY. However, for those previously unacquainted, it also brings along a heavy winter, filed with nonstop snow, white clouds, and bone-chilling temperatures. That is, in a typical season.

2016 has been a bit different thus far, with the high for today at 52 degrees Fahrenheit, just 4 degrees below the February 3rd record set in 1991. And the other days have been just as forgiving, with average temperatures in the 30’s, and not the teens or single digits. There’s a lot that is made better with even a bit warmer weather, but today, I’m not here to talk about that.


In truth, I ever-so-slightly miss the winter season right now. It’s as if part of my Colgate experience is being taken away from me, without a chance to see it once again. The winters at Colgate might be harsh at times, but they also allow for some of the finest snow-ladden views that I have ever seen. There’s something quintessential about Colgate’s campus layered in snow that makes it look uniform and stunning at the same time.

Apart from beautifying the campus, the winter also serves as one more point of unity among members of the community. We commiserate with one another about this common phenomenon. And it shows the determination of the students here to not let anything get in their way. We don’t change our habits just because it’s a few degrees cooler outside or there are a few more inches of snow than some of us may be used to at home. We power through it, and come out of the winter knowing that weather is only as much of an obstruction as we make it out to be.


Alas, this winter may be headed in a different direction. The snow has been subtle, the cold not nearly constricting, and the same unity uninspired. Things may be different even after a few days, but until then, I’ll be reaching back to my underclassman memories to remember what a “real” winter at Colgate feels like.

Just a Feeling

By Wil Stowers '19 on January 4, 2016

A few weeks ago, I walked into a study room on the fourth floor of Case Library and sat down with several other first-years. An interviewer told us that he was conducting research as part of his work on Colgate’s marketing. He asked us a series of questions such as our hometowns, our majors, our plans for participating in Greek life, our opinion on Colgate, and ultimately why we chose Colgate.

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking about my answer. I hate that last question. So much. Because, truth be told, I had no idea. It was just a feeling.

Just a feeling.

Colgate community in mourning

Picture via CNYCentral.com

My first answer to this question came out of tragedy. A little over three months ago, our community was rocked by the sudden loss of two beautiful people: Carey Depuy and Ryan Adams, both first years. I was unbelievably blessed to know Carey, and it is still hard to describe the feelings of many of us when we heard the news and in the days after. But Colgate was there. The students, the faculty, the administration – they were all there for us. Like several others, I felt that the grieving process was made easier by the fact that we were all going through it together. I now have a new sense of what a “community” really is. And that community is at Colgate.

Center for Women's Studies

My second answer to the question is that the conversations I have at Colgate are of incredible intellectual quality and value. And they don’t just happen in my classes. In fact, most of the conversations happen at Frank Dining Hall. Whether it’s social justice debates over hamburgers or political arguments during Frank’s Thanksgiving meal, deep conversations run rampant here. There are several spaces on campus that provide just as, if not more meaningful discussions: The Center for Women’s Studies, ALANA Cultural Center, the Memorial Chapel basement, and many more.

That’s not to say that Colgate is without its faults. But here, the community does what it can to rectify any wrongs and injustices. At no other school can you find members of Greek life that fight against systemic oppression, are part of the Student Government, and are D-1 athletes.

Link Staff

Link Staff, just some examples of the vibrant personalities one can find on Colgate’s campus

To sum up the third reason, people here have eclectic personalities, and the fact that there are near-3,000 of them running around in Hamilton, NY makes me grateful to be a part of it. In my first semester, I sat in an eight-person Russian language class. My Civil War history class had no more than 30 people. Same goes for my Calculus 3 section. And my first-year seminar? I wouldn’t trade them for any other 18-person group. To think that everyone in these classes makes up only a small fraction of the population at Colgate is exhilarating.

Colgate Campus

Colgate may not be for you, and that’s alright. Be warned, though, that if you visit, you might fall in love. And if you fall in love, you might not be able to tell people why right away.

That’s alright, too.

From Brand New to Fully Connected – The First-Year Experience

By Julia Klein '19 on January 1, 2016

When I was looking at colleges a year ago or so, small liberal arts schools always talked about the feeling of community. This was something that I sought after in my college experience, and thankfully at Colgate, the community cliché is not just a line.

The transition to college can be daunting. If you haven’t gone through it yet, you’ll know what I’m talking about soon. My two biggest apprehensions going into this year were making true friends, the right people to surround myself with, and getting involved on campus. To my surprise, those were the two easiest parts of my transition at Colgate.


From the first day I stepped on campus, my Link, an older peer leader, and my First-Year Seminar (FSEM) group, 17 other students in one of my first semester classes, became family. Together, we were integrated into the campus community through creative activities and eye-opening discussions that linked and encouraged us to be open to diversity and honest about our opinions.

Even apart from FSEM bonding, orientation provides the first-year students with so much time to get to know one another. The ice cream socials, with endless amounts of Colgate-favorite Raider Passion ice cream from nearby Gilligan’s, and competitive dorm events give the students something further to bond on right from the get-go. By the time that it’s all over, you are likely to have found a few good friends.


From the start of school, attending sporting events, cheering on the Raiders with friends and getting decked out in maroon and white, has been a great way to spend my Saturdays. Who would’ve thought that bonding with other students through sports would be something that I, the least interested sports fan ever, would come to love? It’s a testament to how being part of a tight-knit community drives the students closer to each other.

And the activities fair, which extends onto the entire academic quad, is where I was able to learn about Colgate’s extensive programs and clubs. That tends to happen when you put your name on 30 or so lists like I did. Colgate has given me the opportunity to pursue interests I didn’t even know I had – who knew that I’d soon DJ a radio show or become a board member of the Challah for Hunger club? For that, I have the eager upperclassmen to thank. I remember hearing on my visit how excited they get for the new class to arrive, but the activities fair is a clear sign of the thrill.

My first semester at Colgate was amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better community to share it with – one I know I’ll get even closer with as the years go on.

Spreading the Holiday Cheer at Colgate

By Jake Pulver '16 on December 24, 2015


As the Fall 2015 semester drew to a close, people were focused on final exams, but thankfully, could step away from their work for just enough time to gather together in the spirit of holiday celebration and gift-giving. Various groups hosted their own gift exchanges, in which members would anonymously get presents for one another. And for the first time, Colgate Activities Board hosted a campus-wide gift exchange, where one received the name of another student who signed up for the event and bought that person a gift. It may have required a little more groundwork to properly execute a gift, but it made for a wonderful occasion on campus. Read more about it here, and have a happy holiday!

The Colgate Spirit

By Blaise Desnoes '17 on December 14, 2015


When I give tours at Colgate, I frequently end them with one admittedly cliché statement: I believe in the spirit of Colgate. I thought I would write this post to try to explain exactly what I mean by that.

When I speak of the spirit of Colgate, I am not identifying something that makes us all the same, but instead, mean to identify something that enables all of us on this campus to express our differences. The Colgate spirit to me is a spirit of entrepreneurship and involvement, a spirit that is in part responsible for our nearly 200 student-led clubs on campus and our incredible entrepreneurship initiative, Thought into Action. The Colgate spirit as I see it allows us to open our eyes to other points of view and grow and learn from each-other.


It is also part of what keeps alumni so involved after so many years away from Hamilton, NY. I’ve seen this phenomenon first-hand throughout my time on Colgate’s campus, whether it be in calling alumni through my job at the Colgate Fund, my experience working the 50th reunion tents the last two years, or simply stopping by Career Services to learn about new internship opportunities facilitated by alumni. I’ve seen this spirit in my late night conversations about virtual reality and the upcoming election with my classmates and the determination of our athletic teams, even when they’re behind. I see this spirit when 65% of Colgate’s graduating class chooses to study abroad.


The Colgate spirit is far more than a maroon shirt you wear every Friday the 13th (Colgate Day) or the shared experience of accepting the continuous stream of toothpaste jokes. It is a connection of shared academic pursuits, the same Core curriculum students tackled 50 years ago, and a personality and drive that just never gives up, even in the relentless winters in Hamilton, NY. The Colgate spirit is the heartbeat of this campus today, and has been for the last 196 years.

All these things make the Colgate community what it is, and that shared community — on campus and beyond — absolutely makes the Colgate spirit.

Early Decision I Mail Day

By Contributing Writer on December 11, 2015

Join us in congratulating the members of #Colgate2020 whose Early Decision I admission decisions were mailed today.

Posted by Colgate University on Friday, December 11, 2015

The Unified Commiseration Over Finals

By Jake Pulver '16 on December 10, 2015
Case Library

Case Library

We’re in the last few weeks of the Fall 2015 semester at Colgate, which can only mean one thing…Finals are coming. Students are buckling down in Case in an effort to finish their last projects, give presentations, and excel on their final exams. As students of Colgate, we pack a lot outside of classes into our schedules, be it lectures, club meetings, volunteer work, and meals with friends. However, we all realize that academics come first. So when it comes to this time in the semester, everyone puts their absolute all into academics.


A class-long presentation here, a 15-page paper (or a couple of them) there, and studying on top of that…the workload gets to be heavy for almost all students. Thankfully, we are all in an environment that fosters unity and teamwork over being cutthroat and competitive. Students at Colgate group together for study sessions, and keep each other motivated by working alongside one another, all for the same goal: to excel in our academics.

Senior Class Study Break

Gingerbread House Contest

That’s also why there are so many study breaks offered throughout the time from the end of Thanksgiving break all the way through the end of Finals. Class Councils offer up doughnuts, coffee, and other snacks to their respective class years. Holiday-oriented activities, be it constructing gingerbread houses or spinning the dreidel, offer students the perfectly sized lapse from their studies. And of course, there are the infamous puppy study breaks offered by the Shaw Wellness Institute, during which students can play with dogs to let their minds travel for just a bit before getting right back to work.


So to those wondering what the life of a student at Colgate is like as the semester winds down, we are definitely busy, but we’re all in it together, and have more than enough opportunities to unwind in the madness.

A walk around the Academic Quad

By Contributing Writer on December 1, 2015

Colgate at the end of November.

Posted by Colgate University on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Even More to be Thankful For at Colgate

By Jake Pulver '16 on November 27, 2015

We featured 13 different things to be thankful for at Colgate just a couple days ago, but there’s more where that came from! See what two students have to say below.


Julia Klein ’19

Even as a first year student, I’m already thankful for the valuable lessons that I’ve learned from being away from home. I’ve gotten to know myself as an independent individual: free to make friends with whom I want, budget my time in any way I please, and binge on Coop Tenders at all hours of the day.

With a few months of adjustment, I’ve learned to take advantage of extra help, and be okay with admitting that I don’t understand every concept on the first try. I’ve learned to frequent office hours and use tutors and review sessions to my advantage. One of the greatest parts of coming to Colgate is that there are so many available resources to assist with academic help and guidance. My professors are genuine individuals who really care about my work and acknowledge my perseverance. And finally, my new Colgate friends are supportive, loving people who are always there for me.

I am thankful for the academic challenges that Colgate provides, and the opportunity to learn amongst and from some of the nicest, most interesting individuals I’ve ever met. To my Colgate family: thank you for making these last three months amazing and I can’t wait for what the ensuing seven and a half semesters will bring!


Lacey Williams ’16

I’m thankful for the staff at Colgate. They are the behind-the-scenes figures that help make Colgate run and look the way it does, and they frequently go under-appreciated. Many people are friends with some of the workers in the dining halls (as I am myself), and the smiles and friendly conversations they have with students really brighten our days, whether they know it or not. I know we all appreciate what they do, but we don’t necessarily tell them how much. In addition, I’m also thankful for those staff members we don’t always see or get to interact with. Over my four years at Colgate I’ve befriended janitorial staff members, gym staff, and administrators in various offices. What I’ve learned and value from these relationships is how hard they all work, but also how much they care about all of the students.

13 Things I’m Thankful For at Colgate

By Bryan Dewan '17 on November 25, 2015

Photo via The Top 10 Site

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’d like to take the time to highlight some of the things I’m thankful for at Colgate.  I figured the most appropriate way to convey my appreciation for Colgate would be to make a list of 13 things, since 13 is our lucky number!

Here they are:

  1. The Professors. Colgate is fortunate to have some of the best professors in the nation, if not the world. Our professors are some of the most understanding and intelligent people you will ever meet.  I’m thankful for all they do for our students.
  2. The Town of Hamilton. Few places are as charming, welcoming, and memorable. I’m thankful for the citizens of Hamilton, and I’m thankful for the strong relationship Colgate has with the community.
  3. Hieber Café in Case Library. The Café is a convenient place to grab coffee or something to eat, and I’m thankful for the staff and the cappuccinos they serve.
  4. The Chapel Basement. Life can be tough sometimes. The chapel basement makes it easy to forget about that.  The people who inhabit the chapel basement are incredibly kind, and it’s easy to feel at home there.
  5. Starr Rink. As a member of the pep band, I spend a lot of time practicing and performing in the famed home of Colgate Hockey, Starr Rink. While the brand new hockey stadium, currently under construction, will be a thrill to perform in, I’ll miss the good old days in the iconic stadium.
  6. The Cruiser. When you need to get somewhere, the cruiser is the way to go. I’m thankful that Colgate provides such a convenient mode of transportation for its students, free of charge.
  7. Buildings and Grounds. Colgate is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. It isn’t that way by chance.  The Buildings and Grounds department keeps the campus beautiful and the walkways safe during the winter.  I’m thankful for all of the work they do.
  8. The Coop. A dining room, a fireplace, a mailroom, a computer lounge, a study space, a convenience store, and a radio station. The Coop has it all. I’m thankful that Colgate has such a vibrant space on its campus.
  9. The Darwin Thinking Path. Colgate is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. The Darwin Thinking Path, which runs behind campus, has often provided me solace, of which I am thankful.
  10. The Persson Skybridge. Persson Hall is one of most unique buildings I’ve ever laid eyes upon. I’m particularly thankful for the Skybridge, which is a wonderful place to study and survey the surrounding landscape.
  11. The Alumni. Few schools can brag about their alumni as much as we can. Colgate alumni are passionate, helpful, and trailblazing.  I’m thankful for their support of Colgate and its students.
  12. Taylor Lake. Our school has a lake in its front yard. That’s pretty cool.  I’m thankful for Taylor Lake and all its beauty.
  13. The People. I cannot begin to adequately convey my appreciation for and admiration of Colgate’s people. I’m tremendously thankful for the opportunity to spend my college years surrounded by the most motivated, intelligent, and caring people I’ve ever known.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Go ‘Gate!