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13 Things: Go on an adventure

By Natalie Krause '17 on July 2, 2015

Summer interns Lucy Stan ’18, Matt Leo ’18, and Natalie Krause ’17 at the Angert Family Climbing Wall

Don’t look down!

This summer, we “Colgate Admission Interns” are your tour guides, walking you up and down the gorgeous hill we call home; we will also be your newest bloggers!  Each week, check in to see the exciting things happening at Colgate this summer.

Throughout the summer, we will post our definitive list of “13 things to see and do” while visiting our beautiful campus! (If you haven’t heard yet, learn why 13 is our favorite number).  Check in every few days to see our newest adventure!

Our first assignment was to go on an adventure through our Outdoor Education program! Braving our fear of heights, we scaled the walls of the Angert Family Climbing Wall, free for all students and also open to the public.

Learn more about the summer interns and feel free to email us with any and all Colgate-related questions. Here’s to the beginning of a happy Colgate summer!

New application supplement for applicants to the Colgate Class of 2020

By Contributing Writer on July 1, 2015

Applications to Colgate are reviewed holistically and the admission team relishes in the opportunity to get to know you through your application. The supplement for applicants to the Colgate Class of 2020 can be found below, and on the Applicant Checklist.

“At Colgate we strive to foster an inclusive community. Please discuss how your life experiences, family background, and/or culture has helped to shape you as a person. It would be especially helpful if you would also reflect on an experience which demonstrated your character and personal values.”

This supplement is applicable to both the Common Application and Universal College Application. We look forward to learning more about your personal story and how you might contribute to the Colgate community.

Dancefest Spring 2015

By Brittney Dorow '17 on April 23, 2015
Students flood the stage for the opening number, dressed in this year's Dancefest tee!

Students flood the stage for the opening number, dressed in this year’s Dancefest tee!

This past weekend, Colgate students, faculty and community members flooded the Memorial Chapel to experience one of the school’s most well attended and prominent campus events. Dancefest, a celebration of culture, the arts and community, is a time when students are able to express themselves freely through dance and music.

But what exactly make Dancefest such an important and well loved tradition?

Maybe it’s the powerful expressions of culture and identity. A number of groups explore dances with a backstory, from KPOP’d to CSA; these acts allow both the performers and dancers to experience and appreciate the arts of various societal organizations, as well as geographic regions.

Maybe it’s the dedication that these students put into each of their dances. Hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, tears and late night rehearsals, all pooled into one energy filled show. This extreme passion can be felt from powerful groups like Fuse and the Ballroom Dancers.

Or maybe it’s the sense of community that is formed between dancers within their groups, and as an artistic society on campus. Dancers of varying interests and skill levels, from the professional artist to the party hopper, all come together to perform an opening number, and then cheer vigorously as their friends perform on stage.

I would say that Dancefest encompasses all of these things, if not more. It’s a tradition that draws huge support from the Colgate community and helps the arts to flourish.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch the show this year, be sure to watch on the Livestream(link below)! It’s an event not to be missed, whether you choose to grace the stage or fill the audience. See you there next semester!


The joys of Holi

By Kally Mott '17 on April 20, 2015


Students celebrating Holi (post-color explosion)

Students celebrating Holi (post-color explosion!)

Yesterday was Colgate’s annual celebration of Holi and it was a colorful day filled with celebration, food, music and community.This event was filled with happiness and joy.Every year, the Hindu Student Association sponsors this well-attended event. It is a great chance for students to experience the culture of their fellow Colgate students. After a traditional Indian meal, students take to Whitnall Field to throw color on each other and make a wonderful mess. I always enjoy attending these fantastic cultural events because it’s a great way to experience a new culture.  The sun was beautiful and it was a great way to kick off spring as well. Plus, it was an exciting study break!!

Colgate 13 and Swinging ‘Gates: Spring Jamboree

By Katrina Stevenson '17 on April 13, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8_opt

Every semester, the Colgate 13 and the Swinging ‘Gates come together to perform for the Colgate community. Like Dancefest, which is this Friday, April 17th, the Chapel fills up to see the two a cappella groups perform their most recent songs. This past Saturday, April 11th, the seniors in the a cappella groups performed their final performance before graduation weekend. The audience could feel the emotion radiating from the performers as some of them sang their final solos.

I try to attend every a cappella performance on campus. As someone who spends the majority of my time in Persson or Lawrence Hall, I forget how talented the Colgate community is. However, attending the performances every month remind me of what a talented and diverse community we have on campus. If you’d like a sneak peek into some of the talent we have on campus, check out the livestream of the performance HERE!

April is here!

By Jessica Ach '15 on April 3, 2015


With the beginning of April, the energy around the Office of Admission this past week has been turned up several notches. For Colgate Admission, April is a very big month since lots of students come to visit campus, especially those that have received their acceptance letters in the mail. A big congratulations to all those students, it was a very competitive year of applicants!

Every day in April there is an accepted student program run called Experience Colgate. This morning-long program offers both students and parents an opportunity to get a closer look at Colgate, visit a class and talk to some additional people around campus. Families will then have the opportunity to eat lunch for free in the dining hall and walk around campus further, if they choose to do so. April Visit Days, part of another program run in April for accepted students, is a full-day event with additional speakers, panels, and meet & greet opportunities. We encourage any and all accepted students to come visit in April during one of these programs, if at all possible, so that they can get an inside look at what it would be like to be a Colgate student next year.

The incoming Colgate Class of 2019 will also be our bicentennial class, a special recognition we do not take lightly. A campaign on campus has begun titled “Don’t Miss” where students from all over campus describe what they believe incoming students should not miss when on campus. Check out all the pictures posted in our Admission building when you are on campus so that you don’t miss out on some amazing things you should see at Colgate!


An Evening with Whoopi Goldberg

By Dezhi Yu '15 on March 29, 2015

Waiting for Whoopi Goldberg

After waiting for weeks, the entire Colgate community finally received entertainer Whoopi Goldberg on Friday, March 27 as part of the Colgate’s Global Leaders series.

Through her witty and sincere performance, Whoopi Goldberg talked about her life story as well as social and political issues. She was bold, but mostly in a fun way. She urged the audience to vote, to participate, to give, and to be strong. Besides her stand-up comedy, Whoopi Goldberg was also interviewed onstage by New York Times best-selling author and journalist Lee Woodruff ’82, P’13. She also answered a few questions from the audience.

My first memory of Whoopi Goldberg was through her 1990 hit film Ghost and 1992 comedy Sister Act. Her hosting of The View and several Academy Awards ceremonies was also impressive. It was indeed a pleasure to see her performance live at Colgate.

Class of 2019 Mail Day

By Contributing Writer on March 24, 2015

Colgate Day of Impact – Hackathon

By Edwin Amador '15 on March 16, 2015



Alongside TIA (Thought Into Action) and Colgate Day of Impact (Friday, 13th) about 30 alumni and current students, from the tri-state, area came together to work on Amanda Brown’s ’15 TIA project. Her TIA venture centered around working with children in Nepal to ” [provide] a progressive education and safe home for marginalized Nepali children and teens “. Working directly with CYFNepal, her goal for this hackathon was to revamp Children and Youths First USA (CYFUSA).

Teams met at Maker Studios, NYC and quickly began to work as to how we could all assist Amanda in her fantastic project. During the hackathon, teams divided into three concentrations : Social Media, Online (creating and coding a new website), and Fundraising. Tons of food and some really great people provided an environment where thoughts and ideas were carefully developed in order to best use the small amount of time that we had. Though teams only had a couple of hours to meet and discuss different strategies, everyone was working for one common goal : to help Amanda realize her goal of fundraising enough money to be able to open another location for the Life Vision Academy school.

Throughout this day, teams developed tangible results that will hopefully allow Amanda to continue all her great work with CYFUSA and CYFNepal.





Leader’s Dinner for Mental Health Awareness

By Mac Baler '15 on March 13, 2015


This past week, Colgate’s chapter of Active Minds (a non-profit organization whose goal is to give students the power and opportunity to speak openly and confidently about mental health in order to educate others on issues and awareness, as well as to encourage cooperation and help-seeking) collaborated with the Colgate Shaw Wellness Institute and Konosioni Senior Honor Society to host the “Leader’s Dinner.”

Leaders of every student group on campus were invited to this event, at which Jordan Burnham, a nationally recognized mental health advocate, came to speak, sharing his story, inspiring others to not shy away from seeking help, and providing insight into how to create supportive, healthier communities.

Discussions at tables among student leaders breached a variety of topics, but perhaps the most vital was how to ensure that positive, supportive steps were being and would continue to be taken toward mental health awareness within and among relations of student groups on campus!

It was a fantastic event, with hopes of more like it to come!