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Trivia Night: One Last Blast

By Katie Williams on July 31, 2014


Summer at Colgate would be incomplete without trivia night at the Colgate Inn.  Every Wednesday, the summer interns and I show up early and stay late to play against our peers and professors in trivia.  The competition is stiff, the questions are tough, and the Hershey’s Kisses are plentiful.  Ranging in topic, we are quizzed on everything from history and quotations to media and the Village of Hamilton.  Always well attended, trivia night is a blast and a half for all involved.  Unfortunately, last night was the final trivia night of this summer season, and though we did not clinch 1st place, we played hard.  Did you know that hydrophobia is another name for rabies? We did.

Exciting day of filming at Eaton Brook Reservoir

By Danielle Iwata on July 31, 2014

photo 2-2

One thing I love about Central New York is being able to drive around the area and discover new places. My roommate and I stumbled upon the Eaton Brook Reservoir and realized it would be the perfect place to continue shooting (see post “Video shoot at Chittenango Falls“) for the Colgate Dance Initiative summer video. Three dancers, two musicians and one videographer made the 15 minute drive at 7 PM to catch the perfect sunset. People at the reservoir were interested in our work and even asked if they could watch us for a bit! They said the music and choreography were both wonderful and we hope that will translate to our final product! Stay tuned for more!

photo 1-2

A visit to the Glendening Boathouse

By Manny Medina on July 29, 2014

Lake Moraine

On a sultry Saturday at Colgate during the summer, there is only one place that can refresh me and alleviate all of my stress-  the Glendening Boathhouse. It is a popular spot where friends and family come together to engage in some water sports and to tan. It is easy to convince all your friends to come. I casually invited about ten nearby friends to come with me to the boathouse this weekend. Little did they know how deathly afraid I am of water.

While my fear of the water slightly discouraged me from kayaking and canoeing, my desire to explore the water and to cool off outweighed my fears. I neither suppressed my apprehension to go far into the water nor my utter excitement. I screamed when the boats caused a rapid current, yet I embraced the challenge and raced my roommate to a floating island raft in our kayaks. Come join us. I promise I will not yell too loud until another boat gets close.



Visiting farms in Madison County

By Danielle Iwata on July 28, 2014


Last Saturday was Open Farm Day, when 35 local farms are open for visitors. After working at the Office of Admission for a Saturday session (and of course, after the Hamilton Farmer’s Market) a friend and I visited two farms in Cazenovia: Creekside Meadows Farm and Critz Farm. We chose Creekside as our first stop because their advertisement included a small animal petting zoo. We got to see five day-old guinea hens, piglets, calves and cows. They also had a border collie that kept trying to herd turkeys that were already in a cage (she ran in circles around the cage, as the turkeys went from corner to corner). Our next stop was Critz, which is a local favorite, as they have an apple orchard and pumpkin patch in the fall, as well as horses and goats (and occasionally, bunnies and llamas). In the winter they also have Christmas trees, hot chocolate and apple fritters. Needless to say, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Live music on the village green

By Susannah Ivory '14 on July 25, 2014



One of the best things about living in Hamilton for the summer is being able to take advantage of the warm weather and truly utilize the village green to its fullest. Located at the center of downtown Hamilton, the green becomes a hub of activity. Whether it is walking into town to grab Holy Smokes BBQ for an outdoor lunch, or catching some live music, the green is the perfect place to enjoy the long summer days here in Central New York. Pictured above are The Cadleys, a local bluegrass duo.

From Kenya to Colgate!

By Katie Williams on July 24, 2014


Last night, my fellow interns and I were at the Colgate Inn, competing against our peers and professors at the weekly trivia night.  As fate would have it, in walked my dear friend and fellow information session illustrator Ben Cook ’15.  Ben recently returned from a five week trip to western Kenya, a research opportunity he had thanks to Colgate’s summer funding initiatives. A Religion major/Molecular Biology minor, and on the pre-med path, Ben was able to live and work with a missionary family,in order to run a study on rheumatic heart disease.  A trial research project, Ben and his hosts have been working to develop a new and more efficient means of scanning for rheumatic heart disease in order to combat the illness at an earlier stage.  An amazing project for an amazing person, Ben decided that upon his return to the United States three days ago, a visit to Colgate was in order. Lucky us!

A trip to Gilligan’s Island (Happy Ice Cream Day)

By Danielle Iwata on July 21, 2014

photo_optIn honor of National Ice Cream Day, a few friends and I drove out to Sherburne to eat at Gilligan’s Island. (And no, it is not themed around the TV show).  It’s a local hot spot that even has a special flavor in honor of Colgate: raider passion. It’s a delicious combination of cake batter ice cream with crushed oreos and pieces of red velvet cake. All of their ice creams are homemade and absolutely wonderful! (Even though Gilligan’s is about 15 minutes away, we have it often on campus during finals weeks or at sporting events for free and it’s never something to be missed!)

Student Research Fair

By Emma Staples on July 21, 2014


Last Thursday, July 17th, I attended a poster fair for research students on Colgate’s campus this summer. The fair was held in the Robert H. N. Ho Science Center and students across all academic disciplines were there to present posters about what they have been working on so far this summer. There were many natural science posters focusing on dog genetics, zebra fish, and even plants used in traditional Native American medicine. Social sciences were also represented by students researching topics in sociology and education, including the multicultural impact of studying abroad. I definitely learned more about what summer opportunities Colgate has to offer, and the included pizza lunch also helped to draw in a large crowd!


Running trails in Hamilton

By Kelsey Jensen on July 18, 2014



I managed to get myself out of bed early one day this week to go for a run on the trails in town before work. I love running in the morning when the town is still waking up and it hasn’t gotten too warm yet. There is a network of trails behind the village that are great for running, walking your dog (more likely your professor’s dog!) or just getting out to enjoy nature a bit. It’s definitely one of my favorite ways to enjoy the summer in Central New York!



A taste of Ethiopia in Hamilton

By Kelsey Jensen on July 17, 2014

This past winter break I had the amazing opportunity to travel with Professor Catherine Cardelus and five Colgate professors and two other Colgate students to Ethiopia to research the conservation of Ethiopian Church Forests. Getting to travel to a foreign country to do field research was one of the most incredible experiences I had at Colgate and one of my favorite parts was that it was not just three weeks in the field but an experience that followed me back to campus. I spent this spring doing lab research on the soils I collected and just last week two of our collaborators made the long trek from Ethiopia to come to visit us here in Hamilton! Alemayehu and Izabela were here to work with our professors on planning our future conservation project, but we also had a great time showing them what life is like in small town America.

On the last day of the conference, Professor Cardelus hosted our whole crew over to her house for a send off dinner. Joining us was Professor Cardelus’ family and another Biology professor, Engada Hagos, who is originally from Ethiopia, and his family. Mrs. Hagos treated us all to her homemade Ethiopian cooking with injera, lentils and lamb that brought me right back to our time in the country. We even had a traditional Ethiopian coffee roasting ceremony right on the back deck! It is so great that even though I got back from my trip 6 months ago, I can still be so involved and connected to this project and the people who made it happen right here from Hamilton.

Izabela, Mabel Baez ’15, Alemayehu and Professor Peter Skull relaxing before dinner at Professor Cardelus’ house.


Professor Engda Hagos laying out our beautiful banquet of Ethiopian and Indian food.