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13 Things I’m Thankful For at Colgate

By Bryan Dewan '17 on November 25, 2015

Photo via The Top 10 Site

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’d like to take the time to highlight some of the things I’m thankful for at Colgate.  I figured the most appropriate way to convey my appreciation for Colgate would be to make a list of 13 things, since 13 is our lucky number!

Here they are:

  1. The Professors. Colgate is fortunate to have some of the best professors in the nation, if not the world. Our professors are some of the most understanding and intelligent people you will ever meet.  I’m thankful for all they do for our students.
  2. The Town of Hamilton. Few places are as charming, welcoming, and memorable. I’m thankful for the citizens of Hamilton, and I’m thankful for the strong relationship Colgate has with the community.
  3. Hieber Café in Case Library. The Café is a convenient place to grab coffee or something to eat, and I’m thankful for the staff and the cappuccinos they serve.
  4. The Chapel Basement. Life can be tough sometimes. The chapel basement makes it easy to forget about that.  The people who inhabit the chapel basement are incredibly kind, and it’s easy to feel at home there.
  5. Starr Rink. As a member of the pep band, I spend a lot of time practicing and performing in the famed home of Colgate Hockey, Starr Rink. While the brand new hockey stadium, currently under construction, will be a thrill to perform in, I’ll miss the good old days in the iconic stadium.
  6. The Cruiser. When you need to get somewhere, the cruiser is the way to go. I’m thankful that Colgate provides such a convenient mode of transportation for its students, free of charge.
  7. Buildings and Grounds. Colgate is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. It isn’t that way by chance.  The Buildings and Grounds department keeps the campus beautiful and the walkways safe during the winter.  I’m thankful for all of the work they do.
  8. The Coop. A dining room, a fireplace, a mailroom, a computer lounge, a study space, a convenience store, and a radio station. The Coop has it all. I’m thankful that Colgate has such a vibrant space on its campus.
  9. The Darwin Thinking Path. Colgate is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. The Darwin Thinking Path, which runs behind campus, has often provided me solace, of which I am thankful.
  10. The Persson Skybridge. Persson Hall is one of most unique buildings I’ve ever laid eyes upon. I’m particularly thankful for the Skybridge, which is a wonderful place to study and survey the surrounding landscape.
  11. The Alumni. Few schools can brag about their alumni as much as we can. Colgate alumni are passionate, helpful, and trailblazing.  I’m thankful for their support of Colgate and its students.
  12. Taylor Lake. Our school has a lake in its front yard. That’s pretty cool.  I’m thankful for Taylor Lake and all its beauty.
  13. The People. I cannot begin to adequately convey my appreciation for and admiration of Colgate’s people. I’m tremendously thankful for the opportunity to spend my college years surrounded by the most motivated, intelligent, and caring people I’ve ever known.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Go ‘Gate!

How it Feels to Attend a Sports Game at Colgate

By Jake Pulver '16 on November 19, 2015
Colgate Raider

Photo via Pinterest

Over my three-and-a-half years at Colgate, I have immersed myself in an active, engaging community that has given back incredible intellectual development and camaraderie to the nth degree. This is a place where I have seen myself and my peers take their passions to the highest level attainable, be it through thesis research on the most specific, interesting topics, or by taking on leadership roles across campus.

Colgate Women's Rugby

Photo by Anne-Marie Lemal Brown, Coach of Women’s Rugby

That’s why, as a student at Colgate, sporting events are more than just forms of entertainment. The Raiders of Colgate University embody much past the Raider itself. Attending one of these games, I know that the same work ethic Colgate students follow in their studies and involvement in extracurricular groups is being represented on the field. When the Colgate men’s Football team wins the Patriot League championship, or the Women’s Rugby team is off to Nationals, it’s not a surprise, but rather, the natural result of the emblematic dedication that Colgate students put into everything that they do.

Patriot League Championship

Photo by John Maddaluna ’17

And that’s not to say one should take it for granted when Colgate succeeds in athletics. Keeping that ethic in the back of your mind makes the sporting events more enjoyable to watch. It’s why students pack Starr Rink every time the Raiders take a stab at Cornell on the hockey ice, to the point that one has to wait for a half hour a couple hours before the game to secure tickets.

Colgate-Cornell Men's Hockey

So, what this comes down to is that Colgate student-athletes, like their peers, put all that they have on the line. We pride ourselves on a D1 mentality both inside and outside of the game. That, more than anything else, is a great reason to enjoy the constant stream of sporting events at Colgate.

Colgate Day Roundup – November 13th, 2015

By Jake Pulver '16 on November 14, 2015

Colgate Day

In the Colgate lexicon, Friday the 13th is far from the ominous day that it is usually made out to be. In fact, it is Colgate Day, a 24-hour celebration of all that is Colgate, where community members near and far dress in maroon garb and gather together for the cause. And it’s far from a calm day on campus, with spirits high and events abound. This past Colgate Day was no different, with student groups coming together to make sure the day was filled with activities.

A Spark Starts a Fire

The day started early in the Coop TV room with “A Spark Starts a Fire”, an event put on by the Presidents’ Club, Konosioni, and the Giving Circle. Students gathered together over s’mores, games, and information regarding how the Presidents’ Club contributes to the ongoing traditions of the school. The Colgate Resolutions capped off the event with a performance at the end.

Block Party

From there, things moved quickly as Konosioni and the Broad Street Association hosted a Colgate Day Block Party at Parker Commons. Various student groups, ranging from the Class Councils and Bunche House to Outdoor Education and Israel Club, made food for the event. Combine that with the music playing for the several hours of the event, and it was bound to be the great time that it was.

Trivia at Donovan's PubTrivia at Donovan's Pub

Continuing with past traditions, the programming concluded with Colgate trivia at Donovan’s Pub, sponsored by the Colgate Activities Board. There, students could show off their depth of knowledge of everything Colgate, and educate themselves in the process. The trivia event concluded with singer/songwriter Jeff LeBlanc giving an intimate performance, as if Colgate facts weren’t fun enough.

Colgate Club of New York

And alumni got in the fun as well, showcasing their Colgate gear and gathering for the cause. Colgate alumni clubs from various areas hosted events for their regions. After all, the Colgate community, with the same fervor you’ll find on campus, reaches far beyond Hamilton, NY.

All in all, even if this Colgate Day didn’t live up to the day’s events in past years, it was quite the time to be on campus and reflect even further on the special community that Colgate has fostered over its near-200 years. We can only hope that the next one is just as exciting of a time.


What Makes Fall at Colgate So Great? – Part 3

By Susan Price '16 on November 9, 2015

As we continue along into the later parts of Fall, there’s still so much to commemorate. The winter, spring, and summer all have their special pastimes, but nothing like what the autumnal times offer.

Taylor Lake

By Susan Price '16

By Susan Price ’16

For some students their first semester at Colgate is their first experience with a traditional, East Coast autumn. Colgate’s location in rural Upstate New York gives students the opportunity to fully experience the explosion of colors that begins to take over in mid-September. It is not unusual to see students stop several times on their way to class to snap photos of the vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange that take over campus. Hamilton’s weekly Farmers’ Market, located on the Village Green each Saturday, provides a great space to pick up some fresh produce, baked goods, and local artisan crafts while enjoying the foliage in town. On any given afternoon students and faculty can also be found taking advantage of the crisp air and beautiful scenery on the running and hiking trails located just up the hill from Frank Dining Hall.

Hiking in the Adirondacks

Hiking in the Adirondacks-Susan Price '16 and Kate Hardock '16

Susan Price ’16 and Kate Hardock ’16

Another great opportunity to experience the outdoors during the fall months is through an Outdoor Education course. Weekend-long backpack trips or day hikes to the nearby Adirondacks give students a unique access to the incredible beauty of the area and allow members of different class years and interests to form friendships outside the classroom. It also provides a fun way to fulfill one of Colgate’s physical education requirements.

What Makes Fall at Colgate So Great? – Part 2

By Jake Pulver '16 on November 4, 2015

As we continue along into the later parts of Fall, there’s still so much to commemorate. The winter, spring, and summer all have their special pastimes, but nothing like what the autumnal times offer.

Apple Picking

Critz Farms

Photo by Critz Farms

Fall is a time of harvest, and in the rural setting of upstate New York, that becomes apparent just a bit more than in other areas. One way in which the harvest manifests itself is through the tradition of apple picking. Throughout the Fall season, students venture from Colgate to Critz Farms, located just a 30-minute drive away, to scour for the freshest, most crisp apples one can find in the area. The orchard is home to over 1800 apple trees. Do the math and you’ll realize the immense number of apples one can pick up from a trip to Critz.

Apple Picking

Photo by Caitlin Reeves

And there’s more than just apples to get at Critz Farms. Plenty of apple products, from apple butter to sparkling cider, line the shelves of Critz’s souvenir shop. In addition, the immense selection of fudges serves as a highlight for many, including variations of chocolate, cookie dough, and even pumpkin fudge flavored with the farm’s own pumpkins.

Whether with just a few friends or a larger group from a student organization, apple picking at Critz Farms is a delightful tradition inseparable from the Fall season at Colgate. It is just one of many reasons why, even as the chill sets in, Colgate remains a warm atmosphere for its students.

What Makes Fall at Colgate So Great? – Part 1

By Jake Pulver '16 on October 20, 2015

When thinking about the seasons at Colgate, a few come directly to mind. There’s the sliver of summer that’s a highlight for many students, with the euphoria of starting a new academic year, welcoming a new class, and fun outdoor pastimes like a round of golf on Seven Oaks or a few hours relaxing by nearby Lake Moraine and the Glendening Boathouse. Winter epitomizes the experience for most of the second semester, complete with hot chocolate study breaks, trips to Toggenburg Ski Resort, and a winter wonderland look for the campus. When Spring comes along, it brings along unquestionably beautiful scenery, Holi, and Spring Party Weekend, among other things.

And then there’s Fall. Typically the underrated of seasons, Fall at Colgate is wonderful. So much happens over the autumn season here that we need to go into some detail:

Community Outreach Events

At Colgate, each time of year has its signature events, and Fall is no different. The Greek letter organizations are active in reaching out to the extended community of Hamilton, NY at this time. The Gamma Phi Beta sorority hosts an annual Chili Cook-Off, bringing together Colgate students and faculty, along with other members of Hamilton’s population, with all benefits going towards philanthropic causes. Meanwhile, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity invited children in the Hamilton area each and every year for its “Great Pumpkin” Halloween pumpkin carving event.

Gate-Town Connection

Photo by Andy Daddio

Other groups on campus are also involved in the effort to give back to Hamilton. The Philanthropists at Colgate interest house puts on a 5K run and Fall Festival, equipped with music, food, and fun activities for the kids. And if all of that’s not enough to keep the children of the community busy over the weekends, the Blue Diamond Society also throws a huge event called Gate-Town Connection, specifically geared toward bringing the students of Colgate together with the adults and children of Hamilton. The Jewish philanthropic group brings in inflatables, locally catered food, and activities with Colgate student groups and teams, all for one jam-packed day of fun.

Stay tuned as we cover three other great aspects of Fall at Colgate.

13 Things: Coop Fireplace Room

By Lucy Stan '18 on August 25, 2015

The Coop fireplace room is a great place to study or spend time with friends. Read more to see why students are often found in the Coop!

If students are looking for a great place to catch up on some readings, enjoy coffee with friends, or relax near the warm blaze of a fire, the Coop fireplace room is the perfect spot! It is located in the student center, the O’Connor Campus Center (the Coop), a location frequented by students at all times of day; whether students are doing homework, working in groups, or talking with friends, it is always packed. Make sure to get there early to claim a comfortable chair by the fireplace! While there, stop by the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement and the travel agency too.

Check this blog later to learn about more things to see and do while visiting Colgate!

13 Things: Local Art Scene

By Kemarni Munroe '17 on August 23, 2015

Little Hall is home to Art and Art History as well as Film and Media Studies at Colgate. If you’re on campus, make sure to stop in and look at students’ works of art!

One of the most prominent buildings on Colgate’s beautiful campus is Little hall. As you walk down Persson steps and glance to the left, observing the beautiful, modern structure opened in January 2001 your jaw drops. The beauty does not only shine through the architecture of the building. The walls are also lined with the works of the students.
The student artworks that line the walls of Little creates a beautiful aesthetic of creativity and potential. Little Hall is the home of Art and Art History majors as well as Film and Media studies minor. Studios ranging from drawing through 3D design and video game programming fill the interior of the space.
Little Hall is also home to Golden Auditorium where film screenings are common and where well known global artists present their works. These artists also work side by side with students and faculty to create installations each year. These installations have featured artists such as: Mark Dion, Wenhua Shi, Eduardo Kac, Vito Ramis, and Coco Fusco.

13 Things: Dress like a Raider

By Natalie Krause '17 on August 18, 2015
bookstore edited

The Colgate Bookstore is hard to miss. Located in the center of Hamilton (3 Utica Street), it offers a wide array of Colgate gear, gifts, and books!

Whether you’re in downtown Hamilton for milkshakes at Maxwell’s Chocolates (they are the best in town!) or catching a movie at the Hamilton Movie Theater, there is always plenty to do.  While you’re in town, it’s pretty difficult to miss the Colgate Bookstore, right in the center of town and topped with a gorgeous clock tower.  It’s also pretty difficult to walk past it without taking a peek in. The Colgate Bookstore is not your average bookstore. It is home to much more than maroon t-shirts.

The basement of the bookstore is home to our textbook shop, including used textbooks, brand-new textbooks, academic supplies, and even art “bundles” (pre-set packages of portfolios and art supplies created by professors for specific classes).  The second floor features an extensive bookshop, including a section with books written by Colgate graduates. There is also a gift shop for stocking stuffers during the holidays, Kate Spade accessories, Alex and Ani jewelry, and even a make-up counter featuring Smashbox cosmetics. The third floor is filled with all things maroon and white! You can find rugby socks, dance gear, cozy hoodies, Colgate pendants and banners, and even Colgate ties. Finally, the top floor will feature a Bed Bath and Beyond “College Essentials” pop-up store every fall!

colgate gear edit

Admissions summer intern Grace Western ’17 and friends cheer on the Colgate Raiders with gear from our bookstore!

The bookstore offers a wide variety of clothing companies, such as Vineyard Vines, Under Armour, Nike, Champion, and Patagonia.  Whether you’re looking for a travel mug or car decal, make it extra special by representing Colgate. And when you visit campus, be sure to take a stop at our extensive bookstore!

13 Things: Survey the sciences

By Natalie Krause '17 on August 7, 2015
IMG_20150710_200102219_opt edit

From left, students Matt Leo ’18, Shelby Holland ’18, Rohan Nagpal ’18, and Katrina Stevenson ’17 are shown visiting the Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum. Read more to learn about our dinosaur egg and why the Robert H. N. Ho Science Center is a must-see while visiting campus!

The Robert H. N. Ho Science Center is a $56.3 million, 121,00 square foot building that was completed in 2007.  The building is home to our environmental studies, geography, geology, astronomy and physics departments, and some of our biology department.  The stunning facility also has student study spaces, laboratory spaces, the Ho Tung Visualization Lab, and the Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum.

Our geology museum has a wide selection of rocks, minerals, and fossils and explores the geological history of local upstate New York.  The museum has a whale jaw bone and mammoth tusk, as well as our favorite artifact: a petrified dinosaur egg.  Actually, it is one of the first ever found dinosaur eggs!  While there are many myths about the egg on campus, it was discovered in a nest of 13 eggs on Friday, July 13th (Colgate Day!) in 1923 by Roy Chapman Andrews.  He was a celebrated scientist, explorer, and the curator of the Museum of Natural History in NYC.  In fact, the Hollywood Indiana Jones character is based on Andrews! It came to Colgate by way of trustee Col. Austen B. Colgate, who won the egg in an auction and donated it to the university in 1924.  Today, it can be seen in a glass case in the geology museum, which is open to all community members, visitors, faculty, and students.

Whether you are checking out the dinosaur egg, looking for a private study room for a group project, exploring the night sky in the visualization lab, or doing undergraduate research over the summer in our laboratories, (click here to view our latest post on summer research), the “Ho” has everything you need for the sciences.

Since some of us are on campus for the summer, we recently visited the Ho Tung Visualization Lab for a Thursday night film screening.  Surrounded by the night sky, reclined in the audience, we flew through outer space, traveled to different planets, and learned about our vast universe along the way!

If you are visiting Colgate University, be sure to set aside some time to visit the Ho Tung Visualization Lab and our geology museum!  And come back to our blog in order to learn about the rest of the “13 Things to see and do while visiting Colgate!”