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Join Colgate for admission advice during Twitter chat hosted by U.S. News

By Contributing Writer on October 30, 2014
Associate Dean of Admission Karen Long

Associate Dean of Admission Karen Long

Join Colgate’s Karen Long, senior associate dean of admission, for an hour of college application advice during a special U.S. News & World Report Twitter chat at 4 p.m. today.

Long, who has 28 years of experience in higher education admission, will join colleagues from four other colleges during the live Twitter chat to offer advice about essay writing, avoiding typical application mistakes, and what parents can do to help support their children during this exciting time in their lives.

Applications for early decision at Colgate are due November 15, and the regular decision deadline is January 15.

Reintroducing the ‘Colgate Hello!’

By Rachel Mangione '15 on October 29, 2014

photo (3)

This past week Colgate students could be found wearing “Hello My Name Is” name tags all over campus. While this could be mistaken for the latest fashion trend, the nametags were actually a way to reintroduce the famous Colgate Hello. Colgate’s small and friendly community prides itself on the tradition of saying hello to everyone we see on campus. Konosioni, Colgate’s senior honor society, distributed nametags to students, faculty, and staff to reinforce this tradition. Above is a picture of admission staff participating in the Colgate Hello! Stop by the admission office anytime for a quick hello and a delicious Chipwich!

#gateonthego: Alaska

By Contributing Writer on October 29, 2014

So #meta it hurts. Senior Associate Dean of Admission @kareneslong, chats with a seemingly icy prospective student between school visits. Luckily this bank of snow looks like it would be right at home in Hamilton’s winter.

Follow the admission office on the road at www.colgate.edu/travelmap.

Diwali and the “24 Hour Burn”

By Mac Baler '15 on October 20, 2014


This past Saturday night was filled with friends, food, and funny scenes. I went with friends to Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, which celebrates the victory of good over evil and light over darkness, put on by Colgate’s own Hindu Student Association (HSA). Every year, the HSA invites the entire campus and community members in the surrounding town of Hamilton to come and learn a bit about this Hindu festival, and share a meal together. With various candles and lights setting the mood, there was a short ceremony, giving the history and meaning behind Diwali, followed by some fantastic food. After the meal, we usually all head outside for fireworks, though the rain had something to say about that this year. Regardless, it was a fantastic way to spend an evening, and a great dinner at that.

After Diwali, I went with some friends to the 24 Hour Burn, a one night theatre event put on by Masque & Triangle, the student theatre society I’m a part of! Once a semester, we’ll pick a weekend for the 24 Hour Burn, in which anyone who signs up to be a “writer” has 12 hours — from 8pm Friday to 8am Saturday — to write their own scene, whatever they’d like. At 8am on Saturday, the writers hand their freshly finished scripts off to those who have signed up to direct and act, and they have the next 12 hours, until 8pm that Saturday, to rehearse, memorize, and work on their scene together, culminating in a performance for the community! It’s really phenomenal to see how creative, funny, and talented students can be, producing multiple scenes in only 24 hours! It’s an awesome, low-commitment way that students are able to try out theatre, and test their creative side. The performances on Saturday were stellar, ranging from a misunderstood mime, to a college senior wishing she could return to her freshman days, to even a scene about secondary characters in media petitioning to the “main characters” for equal rights and treatment. What a great way to start a Saturday evening.


#gateonthego: Myanmar

By Contributing Writer on October 10, 2014

Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Emily Thigpen spent her Friday recruiting students for #colgate2019. On Saturday, she took a trip to Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites. #gateonthego #colgateeverywhere

Follow the admission office on the road at www.colgate.edu/travelmap.

Fall break is here!

By Jessica Ach '15 on October 10, 2014

Happy October!

Where does the time fly? It seems like it was just last week that Colgate students were filing back onto campus for the semester and now we have reached the halfway point. This past week was a bit hectic for many students as they were in “midterm crunch mode”, studying for tests and writing papers due before the long weekend break. Now that it’s Friday afternoon, people seem to be breathing a little more easily!

Many students that live on the East Coast spend the weekend relaxing and catching up on sleep back at home. Others take fun road trips to nearby places—like the gorgeous Lake George—with a group of close friends. Still, others choose to stay on campus, both to have some peace and quiet and also to benefit from some of the programs offered through various clubs and organizations.

Career Services is offering a program on Saturday and Sunday called Wall Street Prep: An Accounting, Financial Modeling, Valuation & Interview Prep Boot Camp for Colgate Students. The two-day intensive program will be led by former investment bankers who will help students gain the “hands-on skills needed to excel in the financial services industry during recruiting and on the job”. What a great opportunity for students interested in finance!

Colgate’s Outdoor Education club also leads trips over break. Students involved in Outdoor Ed are spending the long weekend in Vermont rock climbing and camping out in tents. With only a handful of students participating in this trip, the friendships—and experiences—that are gained add an incredible extra dimension to life as a Colgate student.

With most students gone Monday and Tuesday, campus will once again be bustling on Wednesday when classes resume. The next thing to look forward to, only a week and a half later, is Family Weekend (Oct 25 & 26). Many students’ families will visit campus for the weekend, attending sports games, lectures, and other planned events. With any luck the weather will be as nice as it has been, the trees are still very colorful and the sun shines warmly during the day!!

#gateonthego: Arkansas

By Contributing Writer on October 3, 2014

Emily Moloney, assistant dean of admission, spreads the word about Colgate in Bentonville, Arkansas, which is home to the original Walmart! Walton’s is the shop where it all began. #gateonthego

Follow the admission office on the road at www.colgate.edu/travelmap.

Homecoming Football Game

By Caitlin Sackrison '15 on September 28, 2014
Photo cred: Danielle Iwata ’15. When Colgate had a lucky 13 points.

Photo cred: Danielle Iwata ’15. When Colgate had a lucky 13 points.

Last weekend was Homecoming at Colgate, so campus was teeming with people returning to their alma mater. It was great to see alums walking around campus, reminiscing about their college days and how much campus has changed since they lived in Hamilton. There were a variety of different activities that brought together current students with alums, from keystone speakers to networking events. Overall, it was a great few days, but one particular event stood out among the rest for me in that weekend: the Homecoming football game.

I thought it would be a great experience to go to my last Homecoming football game while enrolled at Colgate, so on Saturday my roommate and I donned our Colgate apparel and headed to the game. We walked the half block it took to reach Andy Kerr stadium, weaved in between the dozens of cars at the tailgate, and headed toward the loud chants coming from the stands. We made our way to a couple of open seats and cheered on the football team with hundreds of students and alums. Colgate was playing Cornell, perhaps our greatest rival in sports, so it was exciting to watch the Raiders take on the Big Red. It was so much fun to see all of the school spirit and watch Colgate score touchdown after touchdown. In the end, Colgate won with a game score of 27-12!

It was strange to sit up in the stands and realize that if I were to return for a Homecoming game, I would be returning as an alum. Its amazing how fast time flies when you’re in college and how quickly we make the transition from prospective, to student, to alum. Last weekend, the Homecoming game showed me that no matter your age or class year, the Colgate community will always be here to welcome you back.

Konosioni Yurt Adventure

By John Lee '15 on September 17, 2014

Here is a picture of our group after the First-Year convocation ceremony, where we lead students up the hill into the Chapel before the start of the event.
Photo Credit: Fatima Sowe

As a member of Konosioni, our Senior Honor Society, I have the privilege of working with 25 other student leaders on campus to uphold Colgate traditions and plan events that benefit our surrounding community. After being selected by my peers to become a member of Konosioni last Spring, I remember the intense feeling of connectedness to students before me who had an opportunity to leave their mark on Colgate. Although we all come from different backgrounds and different areas of campus, we are all committed to giving back to the Hamilton community while preserving what makes Colgate so special.

As events like our Community Auction and Senior Ball rapidly approach, we thought it would be nice to work on some team building and get to know one another a little better. Any student at Colgate can rent out the Yurt (a large tent) located in the Beattie Forest Preserve that Colgate owns a few miles from campus. This past Saturday, our group arrived early in the afternoon to participate in low ropes course challenges, talk about our vision for the upcoming year, and perhaps most importantly to eat s’mores around the bonfire. We then spent the night inside the Yurt!

It was great to spend so much time away from cell phones and homework, but especially as a Senior I enjoyed the chance to get to know others outside of my usual social circles. I am looking forward to seeing what this group will accomplish, and I definitely recommend any group of students to spend some time at the Yurt. 

Jump right in: Student Activities Fair

By Katie Williams on September 11, 2014

photo 1_optBefore & During

photo 2_optThe start of the new school year is always exciting.  Between a capella concerts, sporting events, the Hamilton Farmer’s Market and classes, it is sometimes hard to find time to even relax, but leave it to Colgate students to do just the opposite. Enter: the Colgate Activities Fair! Held at the start of each semester, the Fair boasts a huge selection of student run organizations, everything from Project Beauty to Whistling a capella to Sustainability at Colgate, and the opportunity to sign up for any and all of them.  One of the highest attended events on campus, it is a blast and a half for everyone involved.  Whether you sign up for one club or twelve, the Fair is a fantastic chance to get involved and join the already ambitious community that is Colgate.