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A celebration of art and art history majors

By Susannah Ivory '14 on April 17, 2014


Final projects of senior studio art majors are now display now at the Clifford Art Gallery in Little Hall. Earlier this week, students and their friends gathered for the opening of the art show. It’s an annual tradition for friends and family to come out and see the amazing works on display, and to check out the final thesis papers from art history majors.

If you’re curious about what the artwork looks like, take a virtual tour.

Oh, The Places We’ve Gone!

By Contributing Writer on April 16, 2014


Danielle Iwata ’15; Jessica Muttitt ’15 and Caitlin Sackrison ’15

While studying abroad, it’s been exciting to travel away from our host city and see some of the other exciting places in Europe!

Danielle: Over the weekend, I traveled to Croatia with two other friends in the history group. We went to Dubrovnik, an old coastal fortress/town best known for playing King’s Landing in HBO’s Game of Thrones (that’s not why we went there though!). It was an incredible and gorgeous city that’s filled with so much history– both ancient and recent. It’s strange to think that only 20 years ago it was a war zone. The Palace had a photography exhibit showing Dubrovnik’s Old Town during the war, with explosions, rubble and weaponry in the streets.

Jessica: Caitlin and I took a trip to Krakow, Poland!  We were able to see a tremendous amount in only two days, including taking a tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau  concentration camps, walking around the Old Town,  seeing Wawel Castle, and eating some delicious Polish food.    Krakow was  used as a Nazi headquarters during WWII and , as a result, was not heavily bombed.  We were therefore able to see the various add-ons to Wawel castle, and the city itself, over time and get a sense of what Poland was like before the war.  It was an amazing trip and we were very glad to be able to go and have the experiences we did!

Caitlin: During spring break, I was able to spend a week and a half traveling all around France from Toulon to Lyon, and Dijon to Paris. With the help of funding from the History Department Stickles Fund, I was able to conduct research on my senior thesis from the location where it took place in 1793. The following week, I returned to Paris with Danielle and Jessica and we had an amazing time seeing countless monuments, historical landmarks, and museums. After taking every French history course offered by Professor Harsin, it was amazing to be in the exact places I had read about and understand the significance of so many aspects of the city.

April Visit Day excitement

By Susannah Ivory '14 on April 15, 2014


This past Monday Colgate welcomed  hundreds of admitted students and their families to campus for an incredibly exciting  April Visit Day. Activities included class visits, discussion panels with faculty and students, and of course a chance eat ice cream and take pictures with the Colgate Raider. A huge congratulations to the class of 2018, and welcome to the Colgate community!

Check out more of the fun here!

Spring has sprung

By Susannah Ivory '14 on April 10, 2014


You know it’s officially springtime at Colgate when students can convince their professors to have class outside. On my short walk to the library I found three different classes that had moved outside to enjoy the 60 degree sunshine.




Peter Appreciation Day

By Ben Cook '15 on April 8, 2014

This past Saturday was the second annual Peter Appreciation Day. Peter is one of my best friends who is one of the most selfless kids I’ve ever met. Last year, we decided to make a day for him and we would do whatever he wanted, read poems and make speeches about how much he means to us. He hates the attention but definitely deserves it. This year we actually got $100 from Colgate to cater Peter Appreciation Day. Everyone in the Loj, the environmentally friendly house on campus, helped make chili, cornbread, and Peter’s favorite snack, ants on a log, to complement the sandwiches we ordered from Hamilton Whole Foods. There was also a funfetti cake of course, which was devoured. We also played racquetball and some board games with Peter on his day, and watched the Final Four. One of our friends who’s abroad right now even Skyped in from Patagonia to wish tell Peter how much he appreciated him. Next spring, Peter will be abroad in London. We’re still working out plans on how finagle an international Peter Day.

Night Market – Cultural clubs offer late night buffet

By Mac Baler '15 on April 5, 2014

Night Market

I was thrilled to once again attend Colgate’s annual Night Market on Friday night. Twelve different cultural clubs on campus, including Japan Club, the Korean Student Association, Brothers, German Club, French Club, Hawaii Club, Israeli Club, and the Chinese Interest Association, among others, offered up their native cuisines at a late night buffet from 10pm to 1am (for free!), and you better believe it was delicious. It was great to walk around and see friends proudly offering their home cuisines, giving everyone a chance to truly appreciate the variety of places around the world from which we’ve come to Colgate! There was Karaoke as well, making this combination of various food, music, and singing (with some impromptu dancing too) a fantastic way to spend a night.


Colgate student presidential debate

By Sylvie Lauzon '16 on April 1, 2014


Colgate’s Student Government Associate hosted its annual presidential debate. The presidential candidates, Sarah Rende and Phil Steinberg, along with their vice presidential candidates John Lee and Laura Lee, had the chance to talk to students about their respective platforms regarding various aspects of Colgate. SGA parliamentarian, Ranissa Adityavarman, mediated the debate and asked engaging and thought-provoking questions. The elections will be held soon and students cannot wait to find out who their next president and vice president will be.

Caribbean Student Association presents Mr. Vegas

By Contributing Writer on March 31, 2014

The CSA ended their Caribbean Awareness week, with a bashing concert from the “Bruk it Down” artist, Mr. Vegas, all the way from Kingston, Jamaica. It was the place to be if you love good Dancehall music, but most especially if you love to dance your heart out.

result-1Mr. Vegas with the beautiful ladies from the CSA

result-2The concert was part of his “Party Turn Up” tour, and we were super turnt up.

Sustainable Study Breaks

By Catherine Walsh '16 on March 12, 2014


Midterms might be upon us, but that just means that we get to enjoy a good study break! Colgate is currently participating in Recyclemania so tonight, Colgate’s Office of Sustainability is hosting a sustainable study break.

The night was zero-waste and they had yummy snacks like fresh fruit and fair trade coffee. Midterms might be stressful but free food is always a great pick-me-up!

Award Winning Documentary Director Comes to Colgate

By Sarah Chandler '16 on March 8, 2014

image      Joshua Oppenheimer, an Oscar-nominated documentary director, came to Colgate to show and discuss his highly acclaimed documentary The Act of Killing. The film follows Anwar, a death squad leader, who helped in the killing of over 1 million Indonesians in the 1960s. The Act of Killing challenges these unrepentant death squad leaders to dramatize their role in the genocide. The results, depicted in the film, have been called “a hallucinatory cinematic fever-dream, an unsettling journey deep into the imaginations of mass murderers.” The film was produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog and has been lauded as one of the most groundbreaking films in recent history, even winning the best film award at the first Guardian Film Awards, beating Oscar-winner 12 Years a Slave.  

          I found the movie to be an extremely powerful and disturbing foray into the human psyche, something which challenged my perceptions and forced me to grapple with the complexities inherent in what it means to be “good” and “evil.” The panel discussion afterward with Joshua Oppenheimer was also fascinating and I am so glad I had the chance to question the filmmaker and also learn more about the filming process and what was not shown in the documentary. Mr. Oppenheimer was extremely articulate and his insight into the film elevated it even further in my eyes. One of the things he said was that even after learning about the killings this man, Anwar, did, he still felt empathy for him and as I viewer, I couldn’t help but feel that way too after seeing the film. Oppenheimer spoke about the importance of this empathy, calling it “the beginning of love…and something you can’t have enough of” as well as the best way to connect with people and prevent further violence in the future.

You can see the trailer for the film by clicking the link here