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13 Things: Coop Fireplace Room

By Lucy Stan '18 on August 25, 2015

The Coop fireplace room is a great place to study or spend time with friends. Read more to see why students are often found in the Coop!

If students are looking for a great place to catch up on some readings, enjoy coffee with friends, or relax near the warm blaze of a fire, the Coop fireplace room is the perfect spot! It is located in the student center, the O’Connor Campus Center (the Coop), a location frequented by students at all times of day; whether students are doing homework, working in groups, or talking with friends, it is always packed. Make sure to get there early to claim a comfortable chair by the fireplace! While there, stop by the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement and the travel agency too.

Check this blog later to learn about more things to see and do while visiting Colgate!

13 Things: Local Art Scene

By Kemarni Munroe '17 on August 23, 2015

Little Hall is home to Art and Art History as well as Film and Media Studies at Colgate. If you’re on campus, make sure to stop in and look at students’ works of art!

One of the most prominent buildings on Colgate’s beautiful campus is Little hall. As you walk down Persson steps and glance to the left, observing the beautiful, modern structure opened in January 2001 your jaw drops. The beauty does not only shine through the architecture of the building. The walls are also lined with the works of the students.
The student artworks that line the walls of Little creates a beautiful aesthetic of creativity and potential. Little Hall is the home of Art and Art History majors as well as Film and Media studies minor. Studios ranging from drawing through 3D design and video game programming fill the interior of the space.
Little Hall is also home to Golden Auditorium where film screenings are common and where well known global artists present their works. These artists also work side by side with students and faculty to create installations each year. These installations have featured artists such as: Mark Dion, Wenhua Shi, Eduardo Kac, Vito Ramis, and Coco Fusco.

13 Things: Dress like a Raider

By Natalie Krause '17 on August 18, 2015
bookstore edited

The Colgate Bookstore is hard to miss. Located in the center of Hamilton (3 Utica Street), it offers a wide array of Colgate gear, gifts, and books!

Whether you’re in downtown Hamilton for milkshakes at Maxwell’s Chocolates (they are the best in town!) or catching a movie at the Hamilton Movie Theater, there is always plenty to do.  While you’re in town, it’s pretty difficult to miss the Colgate Bookstore, right in the center of town and topped with a gorgeous clock tower.  It’s also pretty difficult to walk past it without taking a peek in. The Colgate Bookstore is not your average bookstore. It is home to much more than maroon t-shirts.

The basement of the bookstore is home to our textbook shop, including used textbooks, brand-new textbooks, academic supplies, and even art “bundles” (pre-set packages of portfolios and art supplies created by professors for specific classes).  The second floor features an extensive bookshop, including a section with books written by Colgate graduates. There is also a gift shop for stocking stuffers during the holidays, Kate Spade accessories, Alex and Ani jewelry, and even a make-up counter featuring Smashbox cosmetics. The third floor is filled with all things maroon and white! You can find rugby socks, dance gear, cozy hoodies, Colgate pendants and banners, and even Colgate ties. Finally, the top floor will feature a Bed Bath and Beyond “College Essentials” pop-up store every fall!

colgate gear edit

Admissions summer intern Grace Western ’17 and friends cheer on the Colgate Raiders with gear from our bookstore!

The bookstore offers a wide variety of clothing companies, such as Vineyard Vines, Under Armour, Nike, Champion, and Patagonia.  Whether you’re looking for a travel mug or car decal, make it extra special by representing Colgate. And when you visit campus, be sure to take a stop at our extensive bookstore!

13 Things: Survey the sciences

By Natalie Krause '17 on August 7, 2015
IMG_20150710_200102219_opt edit

From left, students Matt Leo ’18, Shelby Holland ’18, Rohan Nagpal ’18, and Katrina Stevenson ’17 are shown visiting the Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum. Read more to learn about our dinosaur egg and why the Robert H. N. Ho Science Center is a must-see while visiting campus!

The Robert H. N. Ho Science Center is a $56.3 million, 121,00 square foot building that was completed in 2007.  The building is home to our environmental studies, geography, geology, astronomy and physics departments, and some of our biology department.  The stunning facility also has student study spaces, laboratory spaces, the Ho Tung Visualization Lab, and the Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum.

Our geology museum has a wide selection of rocks, minerals, and fossils and explores the geological history of local upstate New York.  The museum has a whale jaw bone and mammoth tusk, as well as our favorite artifact: a petrified dinosaur egg.  Actually, it is one of the first ever found dinosaur eggs!  While there are many myths about the egg on campus, it was discovered in a nest of 13 eggs on Friday, July 13th (Colgate Day!) in 1923 by Roy Chapman Andrews.  He was a celebrated scientist, explorer, and the curator of the Museum of Natural History in NYC.  In fact, the Hollywood Indiana Jones character is based on Andrews! It came to Colgate by way of trustee Col. Austen B. Colgate, who won the egg in an auction and donated it to the university in 1924.  Today, it can be seen in a glass case in the geology museum, which is open to all community members, visitors, faculty, and students.

Whether you are checking out the dinosaur egg, looking for a private study room for a group project, exploring the night sky in the visualization lab, or doing undergraduate research over the summer in our laboratories, (click here to view our latest post on summer research), the “Ho” has everything you need for the sciences.

Since some of us are on campus for the summer, we recently visited the Ho Tung Visualization Lab for a Thursday night film screening.  Surrounded by the night sky, reclined in the audience, we flew through outer space, traveled to different planets, and learned about our vast universe along the way!

If you are visiting Colgate University, be sure to set aside some time to visit the Ho Tung Visualization Lab and our geology museum!  And come back to our blog in order to learn about the rest of the “13 Things to see and do while visiting Colgate!”


Research, Research, and More Research

By Katrina Stevenson '17 on August 5, 2015

Allison Z. '17 with her research advisor and friends

This summer over 200 students stayed on campus to pursue faculty-led and student-led research. That’s not including students around the globe researching and publishing articles alongside top Colgate professors in their respective fields. I had the opportunity to interview three students who pursued research projects this semester – Ian Ettinger ’17, Allison Zengilowski ’17, and Jackson Lucas ’17. While both Ian and Allison pursued independent research projects, Jackson pursued a faculty-led project for a second summer at Colgate.


Ian ’17, an Economics major and Psychology minor, used his summer to better understand social responses to discounts. By examining consumers’ responses to issues such as a sales tax or equivalent sale, Ian could better understand the psychological response to economic trends. While he is currently reviewing his final research analysis with his professor, he is in high hopes that the results of his studies may result in a published article.


Very different from Ian’s project, Allison ’17 used her Psychology and Peace & Conflict Studies double major to look at benefits of online education. She has been working alongside her advisor and another student to look into the option of instituting online education into liberal arts colleges and curriculum. After submitting a paper during the summer, she is hoping that her project and design will be chosen by the MOOCS II Conference. However, further down the line she is hoping to submit her findings to a journal publication in order to further the discussion of online education for various higher education institutions.


Instead of student-led research project, Jackson Lucas ’17 pursued a faculty-led research project in the Oceanography department for his second summer on campus. Jackson continued with the research he started at the end of his first-year and had a wonderful experience working alongside students from a variety of different class years. They worked together in a micropaleontology lab to understand marine sediment cores found off the coast of eastern Antarctic Peninsula. By examining the samples, they helped their professor better understand today’s climate change. While their advisor travels to Antartica every year to examine more core samples and bring Colgate students to the field, the work Jackson and his lab partners accomplished this summer will help determine and better understand our environmental changes due to climate change.


Although Ian Ettinger ’17, Allison Zengilowski ’17, and Jackson Lucas ’17 had very different experiences pursuing research projects this summer, they created wonderful relationships with their professors, gained valuable research experiences, and were able to share a great summer on campus!


Students tend to find research projects at Colgate in a variety of ways; a simple talk with a professor about their interests can lead to a summer of fantastic research experience and a published paper. To learn more about research and research resources at Colgate, check out our website!

13 things: Indoor Green Space

By Matt Leo '18 on August 4, 2015



The Trudy Fitness Center at Colgate University is a great place for students to work out in between and after classes!

Sweat and sustainability are two things Colgate loves. The Trudy Fitness Center is an amazing facility where all students and faculty have access to an immense amount of Precor fitness equipment! Trudy is actually a Precor show facility!

Now, as part of Colgate’s campaign to be carbon neutral by 2019—the bicentennial year for Colgate—the university is having new buildings built and renovating old ones. The Trudy Fitness Center is one of these facilities. In fact, in 2011 it became Colgate’s first LEED certified building as it received the GOLD certification.

Colgate is a very athletic place. We even have three levels of competition in regard to sports! These include Varsity, Club, and Intramural levels. All are great to participate in and to cheer on! ‘Gate has state of the art facilities for all sports on campus—we are a Division 1 school after all!

If you are not necessarily as athletically inclined as some of the Division 1 athletes, club sports are truly a great option! You can even get PE credit for them! Additionally, if you want an option with less of a time commitment, intramural sports are for you! Pure competitive fun—sans practice! Go ‘Gate!!

13 Things: Take the Scenic Route

By Lucy Stan '18 on August 3, 2015

Willow Path is the 6th of 13 things to see and do while visiting Colgate. Read more to see why love is in the air on this path!


One of the most quintessential places on campus is Willow Path; whether you are walking to town, going to take pictures with the Colgate sign, or just strolling across campus, you are likely to find yourself here. The iconic path is lined by willow trees and at one point there is a bridge that allows people to cross Taylor Lake.

It is gorgeous year-round and makes the walk to town enjoyable even when it is cold outside. It may even be part of the reason why couples return to Colgate to tie the knot! In fact, legend has it that if you happen to be strolling down willow path with your significant other and you share your first kiss together—you are destined to get married.

Walking down Willow Path is must-do when visiting Colgate!

Check this blog throughout the next couple of weeks to learn about 7 more things to see and do while visiting Colgate. (Click here to find out why 13 is our lucky number!)

13 Things: Study room with a view

By Natalie Krause '17 on July 31, 2015

The picture below was a product of (dare I say the infamous two words) finals week.  Three exams deep and with one last test between me, summer, sand, and sun, I could have sworn my brain was becoming mush.  Luckily, on my way to the library with a textbook filled backpack, my eye was caught by the late afternoon sunshine streaming through the windows of the Persson Skybridge.  I quickly changed my study space–moving up to Persson–, unpacked my study materials, plugged in my laptop, and settled into a spot.  Not only did I end up having the Skybridge to myself, but I also made it just in time for the sunset.  With dusk reflecting on Taylor lake and the excitement of a summer internship on my mind, I wrapped up my last study session of the semester…


Persson Hall is home to our Economics, Political Science, and Educational Studies departments, as well as the “Skybridge.” Overlooking Colgate’s Taylor Lake, the views are impeccable any time of year, any time of day!

Continuing through our summer list of “13 Things to See and Do” while visiting Colgate, I welcome you to arguably the best place to study on campus: the Persson Skybridge.  Sandwiched between two buildings that make up Persson Hall, the Skybridge is a favorite study space for many students.   It houses tables, chairs, and hanging plants, enclosed by glass walls to give you (almost) a 360-degree view of Colgate and the village of Hamilton.  Whether you’re studying for finals like me or finding extra homework time in between classes, Persson Skybridge is an open, sunlit study space.

Come back to our blog throughout the rest of summer as we complete our list of “13 Things to See and Do,” fill you in with more tricks and tips for Colgate, and share exciting news as we approach the fall semester! And don’t forget to check out the summer interns this year. Whether it’s a question about chess club, Model United Nations, pre-med, or music and arts on campus, we are here to help you out with the admissions process!





13 Things: Late-night snacking

By Rohan Nagpal '18 on July 27, 2015

Hamilton's Colgate Inn

A favorite activity among college students is eating. Colgate is not an exception to the rule! The Village of Hamilton has many food options! Many students often head into beautiful Hamilton for a meal or even a sweet treat. Whether you’re grabbing a burger at the Number 10 Tavern, a burrito at La Iguana, or some pizza at the prominent New York Pizzeria ( a.k.a “Slices”)–going into town with friends is always a lot of fun. If you’re feeling fancy, dinner at the elegant Colgate Inn always makes for a wonderful evening. Wherever you decide to grab a bite, you can’t go wrong due to the wide array of available options. Conveniently, students are able to use their Gatecards to pay for the food at many of these restaurants.

Hamilton is great for late-night snacking! A milkshake from Maxwell’s or some frozen yogurt from YoGate–one of Hamilton’s newer additions–are among multiple great options for those with a sweet-tooth. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, check out Saxby’s at The Barge! Many students and Hamilton residents may be seen socializing and working hard in the cozy confines of the space. For those who don’t feel like making the trip into town, Crunchbutton is a convenient service that provides delivery from any restaurant straight to your door!

If you find yourself in Hamilton, even for just a visit, grabbing a bite in town is a must! Bon appetit!

Let’s Eat!

By Katrina Stevenson '17 on July 22, 2015

Summer interns posing with members of the Chartwells team

Colgate is very excited to introduce our new food provider – Chartwells. Chartwells will address the major dietary concerns on campus – increasing sustainability efforts, providing more locally grown food options, and being more accessible to students. Some of the Admissions summer interns had the opportunity to interview the Head Chef, Resident District Manager and other Chartwells employees. While there are some exciting changes (like a full-time Starbucks barista), Chartwells is a much needed breath of fresh air for Colgate.

College students put a lot of focus into food, coffee, and open spaces to relax between studying sessions. In order to meet these needs, Chartwells is revamping various places on campus to fulfill the needs of students. For example, the Case-Geyer Library’s café (Hieber Café) will become a tea cafe allowing students to enjoy their tea and coffee before rushing back to studying. At the cafe, Bigelow will launch their new “Steep Tea” in the library providing tea pots and wood serving trays to add ambience. Don’t worry! If you’re a coffee drinker, you can head over the O’Connor Campus Center and grab yourself a cup of Deathwish Coffee. This coffee is not for the faint-hearted! Deathwish is the world’s strongest coffee. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself in the fall!