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By Karen Giannino on February 4, 2010

Reading season is a privilege. I appreciate what students write about their accomplishments and their hopes for college and beyond. So many of you have been involved with activities, jobs, or efforts that have shaped you. It helps us evaluate how you will contribute to and grow in the Colgate community. My advice to younger students? Get involved! Do something that challenges you and interests you. It’s a great way to grow intellectually and emotionally.


  • Laurie said:

    Follow-up, Sept. 2011…my daughter is a very happy freshman at Colgate. She has found it to be the perfect fit for her.

  • Laurie Freehafer said:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m a parent of an 11th-grader who is attracted to Colgate, although we are just beginning campus visits. I am wondering, assuming that Claire makes the grade academically, if there is a place at Colgate for a student who does not have an outgoing personality. I know that in general, Colgate looks for the big leaders.

    • Karen Giannino said:

      It’s interesting to watch a class come together each year. You are correct, we want some former class presidents, stage managers, sports captains, etc. But we probably don’t want 760 of them! We have a broad definition of leadership, too — people who have learned how to make a difference by building bridges between communities, by asking the right questions, by staying late to get the job done — we recognize that talent comes in lots of different varieties and our community is stronger because of that variety. I encourage students to use the application to tell their story — share what motivates you, what you have done that makes you proud, tell us about a time when you learned something transformative. So, I hope your daughter checks out Colgate. She’ll learn a lot by visiting and talking with our students. That’s the best way to see if it feels like a good fit.

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