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Mail day

By Gary Ross on March 20, 2013

Our review of the applications for the Class of 2017 is complete! We had a tremendous group of talented, high-achieving, diverse, and intellectually engaged students who applied this year. Decisions are now on their way to all parts of the United States as well as over 120 other countries around the world. While there can always be an unanticipated delay in delivery, we expect the decisions will reach all applicants before the end of March. Regardless of the decision you receive and where you choose to enroll, all of us in the Colgate Office of Admission have enjoyed the opportunity to work with each of you.


  • tatiana galeas said:

    Are admissions decision posted online??

    • Katryna Swartwout Ryan said:

      Tatiana- we do not post admission decisions online. If you have not yet received your decision, please contact admission@colgate.edu. All decisions were released over a week ago.

  • Michelle said:


    I am an international student from South Korea attending school in TN. Currently I am back home due to some familial issue, and I am afraid I won’t be back in school till mid April. Will the decision package be delivered to school address (in the States) or to permanent residence in Korea? I haven’t received any package at home, and I am afraid it would feel like forever to check my decision in mid April. Thanks!

  • Mary said:

    Hi ! My daughter received a “wait list” answer. I’d like to know what does this means for Colgate. It’s just a message to say “we would like to have you but we don’t have enough room” or that is a real chance of being accepted in the future ? She is an international student, so we are not very familiarized with those details of the admission process in the USA.

    • Katryna Swartwout Ryan said:

      The waiting list will be used should we not enroll 760 students for the Class of 2017. We likely won’t have a sense of this until after May 1. If a student remains interested in Colgate, they are encouraged to contact their regional admission officer. We do take into account demonstrated interest when making wait list offers. If you have additional questions, please contact admission@colgate.edu.

  • Senthil said:

    Does the decision letter have the financial aid/scholarship information ?

    Could you please share the stats like How many students applied Vs admitted to the class 2017. Thanks.

    • Katryna Swartwout Ryan said:

      If you are a financial aid applicant who was admitted to Colgate, your financial aid information will be with your accept letter. We will release statistics for the Class of 2017 after June 1.

  • Junyi said:

    Hello sir/lady! Do I have any other ways to know my decision besides waiting for the mail? I live in China so I may have to wait for a month!

    • Katryna Swartwout Ryan said:

      Decisions are released in a variety of ways to ensure students hear in a timely manner. You will not have to wait for a month. If you don’t receive your decision within two weeks of the postmark on the letter, please email admission@colgate.edu to let us know.

  • Sydney said:

    Will decisions also be posted on Colgate’s Portal or just mailed? Thank you!

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