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Three tips to enhance a college tour

By Mike Mansuy on August 2, 2013

The month of August is a great time to check out colleges and universities across the country. As you get ready to pack the car and head out to a school of particular interest, there are some things to keep in mind so you can get the most out of your tours.

  • Decide what you are looking for in a school. Beyond just the classes you want to take, think about the type of environment you hope to find. What are your favorite activities?  What types of events do you want to attend? Do you want to leave campus frequently, or have a variety of opportunities on campus? The answers to these types of questions should guide your search and the questions you ask when you are on campus.
  • Make sure you are asking questions! Your tour guide will be a student who is currently enrolled at the school, and is an excellent source of information. Use him or her as a resource to find out what campus life is like. Think about those activities or programs that matter most to you, and ask about their availability at each school. You might even want to stop a random student and ask questions. Strike up a conversation with an undergraduate student to find out what he or she thinks about various topics. They might reveal some helpful information that your tour guide left out.
  • After visiting several schools, they may start to blur together. While it may seem awkward to take a pen and paper on tour, it is always helpful to jot down a few ideas. Write down the things that really stick in your mind, as well as your general impressions. Once all of your visits are finished, you will have a helpful guide to each of the schools you visited and how you feel about them.

And of course, make sure to stop in and see your regional admission officer. We always enjoying meeting students from our regions!

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