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The Unified Commiseration Over Finals

By Jake Pulver '16 on December 10, 2015
Case Library

Case Library

We’re in the last few weeks of the Fall 2015 semester at Colgate, which can only mean one thing…Finals are coming. Students are buckling down in Case in an effort to finish their last projects, give presentations, and excel on their final exams. As students of Colgate, we pack a lot outside of classes into our schedules, be it lectures, club meetings, volunteer work, and meals with friends. However, we all realize that academics come first. So when it comes to this time in the semester, everyone puts their absolute all into academics.


A class-long presentation here, a 15-page paper (or a couple of them) there, and studying on top of that…the workload gets to be heavy for almost all students. Thankfully, we are all in an environment that fosters unity and teamwork over being cutthroat and competitive. Students at Colgate group together for study sessions, and keep each other motivated by working alongside one another, all for the same goal: to excel in our academics.

Senior Class Study Break

Gingerbread House Contest

That’s also why there are so many study breaks offered throughout the time from the end of Thanksgiving break all the way through the end of Finals. Class Councils offer up doughnuts, coffee, and other snacks to their respective class years. Holiday-oriented activities, be it constructing gingerbread houses or spinning the dreidel, offer students the perfectly sized lapse from their studies. And of course, there are the infamous puppy study breaks offered by the Shaw Wellness Institute, during which students can play with dogs to let their minds travel for just a bit before getting right back to work.


So to those wondering what the life of a student at Colgate is like as the semester winds down, we are definitely busy, but we’re all in it together, and have more than enough opportunities to unwind in the madness.

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