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Reaching Out For Winter

By Jake Pulver '16 on February 3, 2016


As a second-semester senior coming back to Colgate, I expected nothing short of the above picture for the next few months. Colgate introduces you to an incredibly passionate community, diversity of thought in the classroom, and a supportive and quaint background in Hamilton, NY. However, for those previously unacquainted, it also brings along a heavy winter, filed with nonstop snow, white clouds, and bone-chilling temperatures. That is, in a typical season.

2016 has been a bit different thus far, with the high for today at 52 degrees Fahrenheit, just 4 degrees below the February 3rd record set in 1991. And the other days have been just as forgiving, with average temperatures in the 30’s, and not the teens or single digits. There’s a lot that is made better with even a bit warmer weather, but today, I’m not here to talk about that.


In truth, I ever-so-slightly miss the winter season right now. It’s as if part of my Colgate experience is being taken away from me, without a chance to see it once again. The winters at Colgate might be harsh at times, but they also allow for some of the finest snow-ladden views that I have ever seen. There’s something quintessential about Colgate’s campus layered in snow that makes it look uniform and stunning at the same time.

Apart from beautifying the campus, the winter also serves as one more point of unity among members of the community. We commiserate with one another about this common phenomenon. And it shows the determination of the students here to not let anything get in their way. We don’t change our habits just because it’s a few degrees cooler outside or there are a few more inches of snow than some of us may be used to at home. We power through it, and come out of the winter knowing that weather is only as much of an obstruction as we make it out to be.


Alas, this winter may be headed in a different direction. The snow has been subtle, the cold not nearly constricting, and the same unity uninspired. Things may be different even after a few days, but until then, I’ll be reaching back to my underclassman memories to remember what a “real” winter at Colgate feels like.

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