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Validation: On The Shot That Drove Colgate Crazy

By Jake Pulver '16 on February 24, 2016

It didn’t take long for everyone that couldn’t attend Colgate’s Senior Day Men’s Basketball game to hear about what went down. We had a really exciting moment, as starting point guard Austin Tillotson ’16 made a shot from half-court to win the game at the buzzer. And of course, the comments came in soon after about how the shot deserved to be on top of ESPN’s famed SportsCenter countdown for the night. The result?

End up there, the shot did.

What’s incredible about this shot is that, as much as Austin is a gifted basketball player starting for the Men’s Basketball team, he’s also a student just like any of us at Colgate. He puts in the same, if not even more work into his craft as the rest of us do with classes and other extracurriculars. To see him have a special moment like that is validation – and not just for Colgate’s athletes, but for the entire Colgate community – of the work ethic students display during their four years here.

I share a class with Austin, so I saw him a couple days after the feat. I congratulated him when I first saw him, but by the end of class, our minds were drifting toward a presentation that we’re making together in a couple weeks. We didn’t dwell on the victories of the past. That’s a testament to the humble, “take nothing for granted” mentality that drives Colgate students to work at everything that they can.

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