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Class of 2020: Now What? April Visit Days!

By Mara Stein '19 on March 28, 2016

Student Involvement

Exactly a year ago today, I opened my mailbox and saw it: the big envelope. Signed, stamped, sorted, and shipped, it had made its way to me after months of what seemed like ceaseless waiting. This was it—I was accepted to Colgate.

But where did I go from here? Colgate had been my top-choice school for some time, and I felt fairly confident it was the right place for me. That being said, I always had trouble pinpointing this confidence. Having never been on a formal tour, I could not describe what it was that made me fall in love with Colgate one summer Sunday. So though my acceptance made me ecstatic, I still experienced twinges of uncertainty when it came to making a final decision.

However, after attending an April Visit Day, I felt these qualms disappear. The people and programs that made up my day at Colgate truly exemplified the amazing, unparalleled community that exists here. From the moment I arrived on campus, current students’ spirit was tangible. These were people who not only loved their school, but also were genuinely excited to help others love it too. Instead of just repeating information I could find on Colgate’s website, the students listened to my interests and personalized my visit. At lunch and during panel discussions, they told me about clubs and classes I might enjoy, linking their experiences to my desires.

By sitting in on “The Middle East”, a class in Colgate’s Communities and Identities division of the core curriculum, I got to see firsthand how the professors also play a role in the Colgate community. The professor for this course made a point to welcome me to her classroom, and to provide background about what she would be discussing. I was treated not as a mere observer, but rather, as another student. That theme of inclusion is one that really defined my April Visit Day, and highlighted to me what makes Colgate so special. Everyone here is so different and unique, but together, we form a community that is enthusiastic, warm, and welcoming. Once I witnessed this fact in person, I was sure I was at the right college.

That brings me to you, the admitted students. As someone who felt uneasy, who continued to question despite my happiness, I cannot encourage you enough to visit Colgate (or visit again) and see what we’re about. The energy and spirit that permeate this campus simply do not translate online or through a letter; only at Colgate are they really palpable. Consider your acceptance an invitation to see what this community is like, and to imagine yourself as part of it. Finally, let me be one of many to say congratulations, class of 2020—we can’t wait to meet you!


April Visit Days are a full-day look into the Colgate experience, from academics, to extracurriculars and beyond. The April Visit Days for 2016 are Monday, April 4th and Monday, April 11th. If you cannot make it for either of those dates, we also offer Experience Colgate, a morning-visit program for accepted students, among other opportunities. For more information, refer to the admitted students page.

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