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10 Things That Have Stayed True Since My Colgate Tour

By Julia Klein '19 on April 4, 2016

Colgate Tour

Welcome, prospective students! Whether you’ve already come to campus, or are planning on joining us on an April Visit Day, visiting Colgate will help you picture life as a student here. My tour was one of the main reasons that I came to Colgate. Even in just an hour walk around campus, I noticed Colgate’s palpable senses of community, involvement and friendliness. My tour guide seemed like a genuine, involved and academically driven person, someone I could see myself being friends with. I instantly knew that this was the type of environment of which I was looking to be a part.

With a month left in my first year at Colgate, I can tell you that what I heard on my tour has revealed itself to be true. Here are ten things in particular that I heard on tour and witnessed on campus during my visit that have stuck with me throughout this year at Colgate:


The Colgate Hello!

Students made a conscious effort to say hello to me on my tour, which made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Now, as I walk around campus,  I can’t help but say hello to people that I pass! Colgate has a close-knit student body, meaning you are likely to pass people you know, no matter where you are headed.


The 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio isn’t just a number.

Because many professors live downtown, relationship with faculty at Colgate extend beyond the classroom. And with such small classes, all of my professors know my name! Professors are enthusiastic about their subjects and are excited when you share a common passion. They love to set up meetings to get to know you better. Plus, they often invite students for a meal at their home at some point during the semester. They are some of the coolest people on our campus.


Get involved!

Getting involved is what students do on Colgate’s campus. Through pursuing many interests (ones I didn’t even know I had prior to coming to Colgate), I have met incredible people and become a part of many organizations beyond my academic studies. So much goes on here! Through joining clubs and teams, I have found multiple spaces in which I feel like I belong.


Don’t shy away from choosing a random roommate.

You might’ve found that perfect person through Facebook and that’s great – go for it! But if not, don’t stress. I ended up going random and my roommate and I are a perfect match. We have similar interests and go to bed within a few minutes of one another every night. She is my go-to for a midnight conversation. I couldn’t have chosen a better roommate myself!


You spend a lot of time in Frank.

New this year, Frank, Colgate’s largest dining hall and infamous hangout spot, is open 24/7. Whether eating ice cream with friends or working with classmates on a group project, Frank really is the place to be.


Talking about the weather helps you make friends.

My tour guide mentioned this while standing outside of Case Library on a chilly October day while looking out at Taylor Lake. It’s true – bonding with others about the weather has helped me make some of my closest friends. Just make sure you come equipped with a winter jacket and snow boots!


Over 90% of students use Career Services.

When I toured Colgate, I was surprised and impressed by this number. But fast forward a year, and I know firsthand that Career Services is one of the most useful and utilized buildings on this campus. If you’re surprised, as I was, check out the Colgate Center for Career Services’ incredibly comprehensive website. Don’t know how to write a cover letter or make a resume? Google “Colgate University Cover Letter” or “Colgate University Resume.” Life. Made.


Having a strong alumni network is an incredible resource to students.

Being able to participate in A Day in the Life as a first-year and finding jobs and connections through LinkedIn, NaviGate and other premier Liberal Arts sites has been invaluable. Colgate alumni have helped me immensely when it has come to networking online and in-person and expanding my horizons when looking for jobs and internships. Additionally, if you’re wearing Colgate gear off-campus, it is very likely that an alumnus will come up to you and introduce themselves. The community extends far beyond the 2,872 students currently enrolled.


The tradition of the number 13 is HUGE.

Walking up the 13 stairs to the second floor of Alumni Hall (and breaking a sweat) and celebrating Colgate Day (Friday the 13th) with friends over s’mores while decked out in Colgate gear are all ways in which the number 13 is a really big deal.


Colgate is beautiful.

While the campus is aesthetically gorgeous, the personalities and ideas of the students who attend are just as amazing inside. Come see what it’s all about!

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