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A Thank You to Colgate University

By Sarah Haas '16 on April 27, 2016


As the sun sets on my time at Colgate (albeit my futile efforts to slow down time and deny the inevitable), I have begun to seriously reflect on the last four years of my life. In the beginning of the academic year, I set out for my concluding year at Colgate to be monumental and liberating. I wanted to walk on that stage at Commencement in May knowing that my college experience was shaped by me, and that that’s the real reason why my four years would be the happiest and the most memorable ones that I will ever have.

Through this final reflection and sense of nostalgia I am experiencing as my final semester is regrettably coming to a close, I can successfully say that I have reached my goal. My senior year at Colgate University was filled with ever-lasting memories, friendships, adventures and accomplishments that will allow me to walk that stage at Commencement with the greatest sense of pride and joy. However, before I officially retreat from undergraduate college life and commence my journey into the real world, there are a few final thank you’s that I owe to Colgate University. Though the past four years has not lacked its ups and downs, Colgate has ultimately helped me grow as a person intellectually and spiritually, and has provided me with friendships and memories that I will forever cherish and never forget. Without further adieu, and in no particular order, I must thank you, Colgate University for:

  • Helping me find my future bridesmaids and wedding guests
  • Giving me the most caring and inspirational professors a student could have
  • Providing me with ample opportunity to study abroad
  • Aiding me in becoming fluent in another language
  • Giving me the most stunning view and perfectly constructed rolling hills I will ever see/inhabit in my lifetime
  • Teaching me how to write an essay, and a real darn good one
  • The “Colgate Hello”
  • Learning how to live in colder temperatures
  • Time management
  • Positive body image and loving myself for who I am, flaws and all
  • My First-Year Seminar and the bond that I still have with the members of my first-ever class at Colgate
  • My lifelong attachment to and adoration for the number 13
  • Byrne Dairy Chipwiches
  • The opportunity to meet, interact and form friendships and bonds with people from all over the world
  • The diverse set of clubs and on-campus activities
  • “Yes Means Yes” Seminar
  • Spring Party Weekend
  • The opportunity to listen to a plethora of inspiring and extraordinary lecturers including Hilary Clinton, Salman Rushdie, Ron Paul, Rudy Guiliani (just to name a few)
  • What it truly means to be in a committed and healthy relationship
  • Learning how to accept all different types of individuals for whom they are as a human-being, and not for their race, gender, sexual orientation or identity
  • Full comprehension of dense literature such as the Bible and those written by Plato and Homer (texts I would have never understood or enjoyed without the Core Cirriculum)
  • Tollhouse Cookie Pie
  • WRCU Radio and The Maroon-News
  • The Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education, and the plethora of opportunities to volunteer in the local, domestic and international communities
  • My Communities and Identities Core Curriculum Course
  • Late-night bites up the hill
  • How to be a better friend
  • The most incredible and supportive alumni network that anyone could ever have
  • The Outdoor Education Program
  • Learning how to walk up several flights of stairs and steep hills without completely losing my energy
  • Taylor Lake
  • Franksgiving 
  • The chance to watch and enjoy Division I Athletics 
  • The potential for a successful future 

And most importantly, the best four years of my life. Thank you, Colgate.

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